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  • Players react to Tiger Woods missing the Masters

  • Tiger Woods will miss the first Masters for which he is eligible after having back surgery. (Chris Trotman/Getty Images)Tiger Woods will miss the first Masters for which he is eligible after having back surgery. (Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

HUMBLE, Texas -- Tiger Woods' announcement that he will miss the first Masters for which he is eligible was the topic of conversation Tuesday in the golf world. PGA TOUR players at the Shell Houston Open weighed in with their opinions about what his absence will mean for the tournament and the PGA TOUR:

STEWART CINK: “It will be a little different without him, but it’s still a great tournament. We played, back in 2008, we played a couple majors in a row without him, and they were still great tournaments, and the Masters will be great. But it’s kind of sad not to see Tiger over there because it’s always exciting to see what he’s going to do.”

MATT KUCHAR: “It’s the Masters. It’s still the greatest golf tournament. We experienced a year without him. He is the center of the PGA TOUR-sphere. He attracts the most eyeballs, the most attention, but there are a lot of great players out here and I think the TOUR held on quite well, stayed pretty healthy, while he was absent. Certainly, the Masters will not suffer. It’s definitely exciting. I think everyone wants Tiger to be healthy and playing well and in contention. I think most guys dream of taking Tiger down, battling him down the stretch at the Masters. Hypothetically, if he’s out, we won’t have that chance this year but we’ll still have a chance to don a green jacket.”

CHARLES HOWELL III: “It’s a shame he’s going to be out. It’s a shame any time anyone is injured, but especially Tiger. He’s such a driving force for golf and he’s fun to watch on TV. Even guys who aren’t in the Masters still watch the tournament, and you want to see him up there on Sunday. He’s an entertaining guy to watch and he’s great for our sport and hopefully he comes back healthy. I think (the Masters) may be the one tournament that can still go on with the amount of media and fan interest, etc., but it still misses something when he’s not there. Obviously, we all know how important that golf tournament is to him, and winning majors, but if he elected to have surgery before the Masters, I think we all know his back must have been pretty bad and hopefully it’s the right decision in the long run. It’s fascinating the number of injuries (this year), because I think guys work out more than they ever have before. It’s interesting. These guys have a lot of speed, they hit the ball a long way. I think golf is still better when Tiger and Phil are at the top and they’re battling. I think it’s better when those guys are up there on Sunday.”

BILL HAAS: “Selfishly, we’d all love to see him play there. For our sport, we need him in the events, need him in the field. He does nothing but draw more attention to each and every tournament he's in. Overall, it impacts our sport, the fact that he’s not here, but with that said, we have younger guys who are stepping up, a bunch of talented guys, a bunch of first-time winners the last few weeks. Hopefully, the TOUR can embrace that. With all that said, we need him healthy and playing.”

KEVIN STREELMAN: “It is the one event of the year where I think the tournament, the history, the course are the main celebrities. Obviously, having the big names in the field helps, but the Masters is always an incredible tournament no matter who is in the field.”

BRENDON DE JONGE: “It’s definitely going to be a different feel. Any time he shows up at an event, there’s more of a vibe. You can feel that he’s around. It’s going to take away from it a little bit. We still have to go and take care of our own business. ... Golf is in a really good place at the moment. I think any tournament can stand not having him there, but it adds to it when Tiger is in the field.”

Players react

    Players react

Some people in the golf community also reacted to the news via social media on Tuesday.