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The Tour Report

August 22 2013

11:00 AM

Fitness: Warm-up program

By Sean Cochran, Golf Fitness

Why it’s important: A pre-round warm-up prepares the body to execute the athletic actions of golf swing. A warm-up will increase blood flow, increase joint mobility, improve neural firing rates, and prepare the muscles of the body that generate speed and execute the golf swing.

The common problem: All the often the amateur player will not prepare the body to perform the athletic actions of the golf swing. As a result the player will head to the first tee with a body which is “tight”, joints that are immobile, and muscles not ready to generate clubhead speed.

Solution: Perform a five-minute, pre-round warm up of dynamic golf fitness exercises to prepare the body to execute a proficient golf swing generating speed into the impact position.

Pre-Round Warm-up Exercises:

1. Sumo’s:

Setup: Feet shoulder width; stand upright. Action: Hinge at hips reach towards feet; hook hands under toes; squat down; extend legs keeping hands hooked; repeat exercise for 10 repetitions.

2. Stork Turns:

Setup: Stand upright, hands on top of club; hook left foot behind right knee. Action: Rotate hips left and right; keep shoulders facing forward; perform 15 repetitions left and right.

3. Torso Backswings

Setup: Stand in five iron golf posture; arms crossed. Action: Rotate shoulders to top of backswing; resist rotation with the hips; focus on creating separation; Repeat for 15 repetitions.

About Sean Cochran Golf Fitness Trainer: Sean Cochran, one of the most recognized golf fitness instructors in the world today. He travels the Tour regularly working with PGA Professionals, most notably three-time Masters, PGA, and British Open Champion Phil Mickelson. He has been involved in the production of numerous golf fitness videos and authored books including; Performance Golf Fitness, Golf Fitness Over Fifty, and Junior Golf Fitness. He has been a presenter of educational seminars for numerous organizations including the Titleist Performance Institute. To learn more about Sean Cochran Golf Fitness go to http://www.seancochran.com

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