The Tour Report

May 2 2013

2:35 PM

Compton gets two-stroke penalty

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Erik Compton's round started out well as he rolled in a 10-footer for birdie at the 10th hole.

But Compton didn't make another birdie on Thursday, and he turned a par into a double bogey when he called a penalty on himself at the seventh hole. He ended up with a round of 74 -- and a clear conscience as a result.

The issue arose when Compton hit his drive into the water at the par 5, then took his drop and found the green with his third. When he got to his ball, Compton realized that he had hit a 2011 Pro V1x rather than the 2013 model with which he'd started the round.

Since the balls are slightly different, Compton realized he was in violation of the one-ball condition under Rule 33-1 and assessed the penalty on himself. That condition states the balls a player uses must be of the same brand and model as detailed by a single entry on the current list of conforming balls.

The penalty for the infraction is two strokes. So Compton made a 7 on the par 5.