The Tour Report

May 7 2011

8:35 AM

Players react to Ballesteros on Twitter

@TigerWoods I  was deeply saddened to learn about the passing of Seve Ballesteros. I always enjoyed spending time with him at the Champions dinner... each year at the Masters. Seve was one of the most talented and exciting golfers to ever play the game...His creativity and inventiveness on the golf course may never be surpassed. His death came much too soon.

@JasonGore49 Lost a hero today. Seve, thanks for the brilliance you showed on the course, and the class you showed off the course. You are missed. RIP

@TrevorImmelman So sad to hear the news of Seve's passing. He is a true inspiration to all of us. #fb

@TheSirNickFaldo My greatest personal Seve moment. 95 RC 18 th green..a bawling Seve hugs me and says.."you are a great champion" ...#tearsdownmycheeks  ... Monday 88 Open win.. Seve, the original grip it and rip it day..but with style, flare, passion and grace. glad I had a front row seat!

@BillyHo_Golf Very sad day in the game of golf. Seve was one of the GREATS! His charisma and style of play made him beloved around the world!!

@JustinRose99 Seve on my mind out there today. http://twitpic.com/4uj6s1

@Oliver_Wilson Few rounds of golf pass without Seve coming to mind. He's the first thing that you think of when facing the impossible shots.

@TheSirNickFaldo Sad day. Seve's passing, I would now call him the Cirque du Solei of golf. The greatest show on earth. I was a real fan

@JustinRose99 Sad to hear the official news of Seve passing away. My thoughts are with his family. The love out there for this amazing, charismatic, courageous, humble man is only fitting. He inspired a generation of golfers.

@ F_Molinari What a terrible news to hear first thing in the morning.. Seve was a superhero for all young golfers, played shots only he could see. RIP… Deep deep sadness

@WestwoodLee It's a sad day. Lost an inspiration,genius,roll model, hero and friend. Seve made European golf what it is today. RIP Seve.

@Oliver_Wilson RIP Seve. Thoughts & prayers go out to your family. You have left this world a better place. Thank you for the inspiration #Seve #fb

@bubbawatson Seve will be missed, but we will never forget what a great man & golfer he was!!! Praying for his family & friends! #weloveyousev

@peterjkostis God bless Seve.A creative genius who played with the flair of a matador. I feel privileged to have known and worked with him. U'll be missed

@ PaulStankowski Though it's inevitable, it's so sad to see sport heroes pass away...Seve was such a crafty, gutsy and charismatic player...such flair!

@ TheSirNickFaldo 1983 Ryder Cup 1 point loss..Seve storms into team room "we must celebrate this is a win for us"..#changedRCforever let's celebrate Seve

@ RStanleyJohnson Seve Ballesteros R.I.P. A legend have passed away.

@ montgomeriefdn A true legend, the most talented golfer ever. An honour to play with him and under him. You will be forever with us Seve, your friend Monty

@ Graeme_McDowell Seve is in all our thoughts and prayers. One of European golf's shining lights and most charismatic stars is gone but not forgotten. Legend.

@Graeme_McDowell Amazing to read all the moving messages out there about Seve. He meant a lot to the golf world. He was a genius. Very emotional right now.

@Graeme_McDowell One of my favourite lines I have read this morning.... "Apparently God needed a short game lesson....." #RIPSeve

@Luke_Donald My earliest memories if golf: throwing 10 balls around the green in the most difficult lies and trying to get them up and down, pretending to be Seve. I just wanted to be him. You will not be forgotten. #RIPseve

@ TwoGlovesGolf This game has lost a legend! Rest in peace Seve.

@ BillyHo_Golf When you are a kid, you hope that one day you will be able to meet ppl that you grew up admiring. Seve was one of those ppl for me....Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to meet him... RIP Seve.

@ CamTringalePGA What a sad day as Seve passed. He brought so much flair to the game. He will be missed. Thoughts and prayers are with him and family.

@ JhonattanVegas Golf has lost one of his heroes today. Seve thanks for so many great moments that will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace

@ PaulAzinger I'm saddened by the news of Seve's passing. He was the toughest, most passionate, most patriotic competitor I've ever faced.

@ PaulAzinger We had tough RC mtches, a few run ins as well.We talked thru our differncs and remained friends. Whn I got sick in 93,Seve 1 of 1st to call

@ TheChristinaKim It was a difficult day today, with heavy heart over Seve Ballesteros's passing. He was such an incredible source of inspiration for golf

@ ZachJohnson The clever, imaginative, classy and ever smiling Seve is in a much better place. Thoughts and prayers to the Ballesteros family.

@ IanJamePoulter The last time we spoke to Seve was on the eve of the 2010 Ryder Cup. I will remember his words for the rest of my life. Seve RIP

@ webbsimpson Seve is and always will be one of golf's all time greats. Sad loss. What a fighter.

@ geoffogilvy Such sad news about Seve. One of my heroes and earliest inspirations

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