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    Style Insider: ECCO Golf increases its cool factor

  • The ECCO BIOM COOL PRO is now available in three colorways for men. (Photos courtesy of ECCO Golf)The ECCO BIOM COOL PRO is now available in three colorways for men. (Photos courtesy of ECCO Golf)

No matter the time of the year, sweaty feet can cause blisters and ruin a great round of golf. To combat the uncomfortable condition of swamp foot, ECCO’s new BIOM® COOL PRO is bringing 360° of breathability to the course in a completely waterproof shoe.

The key to the BIOM COOL PRO’s unique combination of breathability and waterproof protection is the revolutionary SURROUND® technology, which was created through a partnership between ECCO and GORE-TEX®. SURROUND creates a microclimate for the foot by channeling heat and moisture away from it in every direction. Then, like the grill on a high-end sports car, ECCO’s T.PU Exhaust Grid in the midsole allows that heat and moisture to escape while fresh air flows to the sole of the foot. And if you step in a puddle? The waterproof laminate envelopes the foot to keep it dry.

“BIOM COOL PRO is the only golf shoe on the market featuring this innovative microclimate technology,” says Jesper Thuen, General Manager, ECCO GOLF USA. “This unique partnership with GORE-TEX is just another example of how ECCO continues to push the envelope of style, comfort and performance.”


Not surprisingly, BIOM COOL PRO is leveraging many of the tried and true technologies that ECCO has employed on previous BIOM models, starting with the NATURAL MOTION® last. Most golfers don’t give much thought to the last when selecting a shoe, but it can make the difference between a comfortable stroll and a good walk spoiled. While developing NATURAL MOTION, ECCO used more than 2,500 scans of athletes’ feet to create a last that mirrors the contours of the foot. As a result, it allows the foot to move naturally and sit closer to the ground for a higher level of responsiveness.


Dating back to those ECCO hybrids that Fred Couples laced up at the 2010 Masters, ECCO has been a pioneer in spikeless outsoles. The BIOM COOL PRO sits atop the brand’s TRI-FI-GRIP outsole with three multi-purpose segments. The first is located on the lateral side of the shoe and uses large lugs to provide stability throughout the swing. The second zone, found in the middle of the outsole, is designed for durability, allowing the shoe to easily transition from the course to the streets. Slimmer, more rounded lugs sit in the third zone and are designed to keep the body effortlessly rotating through the swing.


For the upper, ECCO once again is turning to a thin yak leather. The strong, durable leather is manufactured in the brand’s tanneries and has been a distinguishing feature in the BIOM range of golf shoes. Perforations on the forefoot add to the breathability of the shoe and a cushioned neoprene tongue provides the comfort needed to go 18 holes and beyond.


Bonding the upper to the outsole is another one of ECCO’s technologies called FLUIDFORM™. No stitching or glues are used. Instead, a ‘state change’ process that uses specialized fluid materials to form around an anatomical last ensures a balance of cushioning and rebound, while also creating a flexible and durable bond.

The ECCO BIOM COOL PRO is now available in three colorways for men.

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