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    Product Spotlight: adidas Golf Frostguard

  • adidas Golf has launched the new Frostguard Collection to combat brisk fall and winter conditions. (adidas Golf)adidas Golf has launched the new Frostguard Collection to combat brisk fall and winter conditions. (adidas Golf)

It is that time of the year again. The days are a little shorter, the leaves more colorful, and the temperatures a bit cooler. Mother Nature is looking to bring the golf season to a halt, but adidas Golf has other ideas.

To keep players on the course, the brand has launched the new Frostguard Collection to combat brisk fall and winter conditions. In creating the Frostguard Jackets and Vests, adidas designers focused on providing warmth without sacrificing playability. To achieve this, the Frostguard pieces feature down-filled panels on the front and back to insulate the body where it needs it most—in the core areas. To further lock in warmth, these insulated panels use a bonding technique that prevents heat from escaping while also shielding against the season’s harsh winds.


Staying warm is one thing, but if a layering piece is too bulky, it can prevent the body from moving freely during the swing. To maintain playability, adidas opted for a thin, lightweight layer of duck down in the panels to provide warmth without bulk. For better mobility during the swing, designers attached the insulated panels to side panels and sleeves made from recycled polyester. These stretchy, water-resistant panels and sleeves allow the body, shoulders, and arms to rotate in an unfettered motion. This helps TOUR players like Dustin Johnson and Jon Rahm maintain feel, rhythm, and clubhead speed while staying warm.


Hybrid jackets and vests have become one of the biggest trends in golf outerwear over the last few years. Previously reserved for the ski slopes, advances in insulation and fabric technology have turned these puffer-style pieces into cold-weather essentials on the fairways.


adidas’ Frostguard stands out from the crowd of puffers for a few reasons. The use of down provides a higher warmth-to-weight ratio than synthetics. Therefore, it is lighter, less bulky, and compresses easier for storage in a golf bag. Also, many hybrid jackets and vests include a single insulated panel on the front of the garment. adidas has taken this a step further by providing insulation on the front and back of the Frostguard pieces for added warmth. From a style standpoint, the stitching on the panels offers an intriguing and elevated look compared to the typical square and rectangular channels.


Joining the insulated jackets and vests in the Frostguard Collection is the lighter Quilted Competition Jacket. Xander Schauffele sported this jacket at the Open Championship and it is easy to see why. It offers the perfect blend of style, warmth, and playability. The ¼-zip pullover features a dual knit construction with a single knit polyester in the upper half for enhanced range of motion. On the bottom half, a double knit jersey was used for warmth.

The good news is you don’t have to be a TOUR player to slip on the Frostguard Collection. The Insulated Jackets and Vests along with the Quilted Competition Jacket are arriving on retail store shelves now, just in time for the falling temperatures.

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