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    Style Insider: J.Lindeberg gets artsy with new polos

    Haute couture goes from the runway to the fairway in new Art Polo

  • J.Lindeberg is bringing fashion-forward prints to the fairway in the new limited-edition collection of Art Polos. (Photos courtesy of J.Lindeberg)J.Lindeberg is bringing fashion-forward prints to the fairway in the new limited-edition collection of Art Polos. (Photos courtesy of J.Lindeberg)

J.Lindeberg is known for challenging the status quo of golf fashion. Throughout its 20+ years on the fairways, the brand has started many of the most stylish trends in the game. Bold color-blocked designs, slim fits, the return of plaid pants and large belt buckles can all be traced back to the Swedish fashion house.

Part of its rebellious history includes a capsule collection of artsy polo shirts created in collaboration with PGA TOUR player Camilo Villegas in 2008. Now, 10 years later, J.Lindeberg is once again fusing art and sports with a limited edition collection of three new Art Polos.

“The Art Polo is one of the ways we showcase the art of sports. It’s tailored specifically to our customer, who is just as fashionable and mindful of details on course, as well as off course,” said Jens Werner, the new Creative Director at J.Lindeberg

(L-R) Art Polos #1, #2 and #3

Creating the Art Polo Collection was no easy feat. Each of the shirts features its own unique screen print, which was designed and sketched by hand. The various prints have focused graphic lines, which are consistent throughout the pattern pieces in the collection. The prints are then dyed on pre-cut parts to ensure the graphic lines match perfectly. This gives the appearance of a design that is hand-painted directly on the shirt. Additionally, a deep ink saturation gives the shirts a luxurious look and will not fade over time. This method is a rare practice in the sportswear industry and was inspired by the craftsmanship typically seen in haute couture.

The Art Polo #3 features two X’s, which are nods to J.Lindeberg’s 20-year history. To create the print, the artist layered tape on the fabric and then dip dyed it. The red and white chevron design on the Art Polo #2 was crafted with a combination of tape, grid spray, and dip dye, while a paint and brush technique produced the black and white design on the Art Polo #1. Each of the polos is finished with a hand-written, printed signature.

Over the past 20 years, J.Lindeberg has bridged the gap between fashion and function. This new capsule collection adds an artistic dimension to its golf line and hints at the future direction of the progressive brand. The Art Polos are now available and will be worn on the PGA TOUR by J.Lindeberg brand ambassador Jonas Blixt.

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