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    Style Insider: Roberto Castro interview

  • Roberto Castro, who has three top-10 finishes on the Web.com Tour this season, sat down with our Style Insider for a one-on-one interview. (Photos courtesy of Paul Ward/Holderness & Bourne)Roberto Castro, who has three top-10 finishes on the Web.com Tour this season, sat down with our Style Insider for a one-on-one interview. (Photos courtesy of Paul Ward/Holderness & Bourne)

With well-tailored apparel and colorful saddle shoes, Roberto Castro is putting a modern spin on classic looks. Our Style Insider talked with him about his new apparel, his bespoke FootJoys and more.

You have been wearing apparel from an up and coming brand called Holderness & Bourne. How did you get hooked up with the brand?

It was actually through a local area blog. It was a few years ago. This blogger wrote about his favorite golf line. I clicked on the post, started flipping through it and ended up on the Holderness & Bourne website. My time with another apparel company was coming to a close. I thought their story was cool and the stuff looks great, so it went from there.

How does Holderness & Bourne fit your personal style on the course?

It has a classic look with a lot of blues and whites, no neon accents or anything like that. The fit is great and it is so comfortable to wear. It always seems like a lot of the very classic looking shirts don't always have the best fit or modern fit, but the Holderness & Bourne shirts are right on point as far as that goes. The brand is definitely for an audience of guys roughly my age that are looking for things that look sharp and fit well without having a neon stripe or having some crazy color.


What are your favorite pieces in the line?

I’m actually most excited about the pullovers and the vests. I could talk all day about the shirts but these new layering pieces are awesome. They fit unbelievably well. They are warm when it’s cold out, but not suffocating when it warms up over the course of the day. They're wonderful pieces. I know pullovers are tough to get right, and I think they hit a home run with them.

What type of feedback do you give to the team at Holderness & Bourne to influence the design and performance of the clothes?

It's actually cool. I can give them a little bit of feedback here and there. For example, I thought the forearms and the cuffs on the pullovers were a little tight on the first batch. I mentioned that and they said, "We actually talked about that this morning. We're adding a half-inch there." It is great being on the same page with them and to be able to give them feedback. I wouldn't say I’m an integral part of the design team, but a little nugget here or there can help them make it perfect.


You’ve posted custom FootJoy saddle shoes on Twitter in the past. Did you design those yourself?

Yeah, I've been doing the MyJoy program with FootJoy for about six or seven years now. It’s just amazing. I had already seen the shirts from Holderness & Bourne and figured I would design a few pairs of shoes that would work well.

I try to wear the same style of shoes all the time. It’s difficult to go back and forth and change styles. I wore the wingtips my first couple of years and those were cool, but I had to switch to a little bit more comfortable shoe. The saddles give me enough room to work in a little bit of color or work in a pattern without getting too crazy.

People always think I travel with a ton of shoes, but I’m not traveling with a suitcase of shoes. I may go through 8 or 10 pairs a year, but I travel with two pairs at the most.


Your taste in great looking clothes and shoes extends beyond the course. You are a frequent customer of a menswear shop in Atlanta called Sid Mashburn, which looks like a cool spot to hang out and shop.

Yeah, Sid opened his store around 2007 when I was finishing college. The shop was near where I was living at the time so I would pop over there and check things out. They have a cool vibe. It’s like a clubhouse. You walk in and get a beer or a coke and hang out. They've done great. They have four stores now in Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston and D.C. It's been cool watching his business grow and seeing some of the coverage that he's received. He's one of the players now and he's definitely a trendsetter.

Sid’s whole concept is stocking everything from $60 Levi’s 501 jeans all the way up to Sartorio suits for a few thousand dollars. Whoever walks in there gets the same level of service. It's a cool concept. They've done well, and I think they'll continue to do well.


You have quite the collection of old school vinyl records. How did you get involved in collecting vinyl?

After college, a buddy of mine that I was living with inherited a collection from his dad and we got into it together. Then when I met my wife, she had a small collection. It was something we did together and it grew from there. By no means is it a large collection but I can remember where I bought a lot of them, so they have some meaning. It's a cool hobby.

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