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    Style Insider: Spring and Summer trends from the TOUR

  • From floral prints and braided belts to muted colors and Sunday bags, our Style Insider brings you eight trends directly from TOUR to add to your game. (Photos by Getty Images)From floral prints and braided belts to muted colors and Sunday bags, our Style Insider brings you eight trends directly from TOUR to add to your game. (Photos by Getty Images)

Baseball-Style Collars

(See image above) Golf apparel continues to take cues from mainstream men’s fashion. Bomber or aviator-style jackets have been all the rage from the runways to the streets. A distinctive characteristic of these jackets is a knitted collar that frames the neck. This style of collar is also frequently seen on baseball and letterman jackets, and now on golf outerwear. It tends to sit lower than many of the high T-neck designs, which allows the neck to move and breathe. Hideki Matsuyama and Rickie Fowler both have sported layering pieces with these minimalist collars this season.

Floral Prints

Prints have been trending on the fairways for several years and camo patterns have found themselves at the forefront of this movement. This season, think of botanical prints as the new camo. You will find florals in all shapes, sizes, and colors in the pro shop. The secret to pulling off this chic new look is to match a floral pattern to your comfort zone. Go big and bold like Billy Horschel with intricate, large scale designs or follow Daisuke Kataoka’s lead with understated tonal and micro designs. Don’t forget to work some florals into your pants, shorts, and shoes, too. Daring prints make strong statements when worn below the waist.

Modern Classics

Sporty, sneaker-style shoes have gained traction over recent years, but classic designs are making a comeback in a big way. Many of the most stylish players on the PGA TOUR are once again lacing up traditional styles that incorporate modern comfort and performance features. For example, Brandt Snedeker and Phil Mickelson have moved to G/FORE’s wingtips and oxfords. The retro designs ooze style while the spikeless outsoles and cushioned insoles are created for the contemporary player.

Braided & Webbed Belts

Another style shift is being seen around the waistline of TOUR players. For nearly a decade, exotic skin belts were the de facto choice for those with discerning style. While a luxurious skin still has a place in the game, more players are opting for webbed and braided belts. These straps offer a sporty aesthetic and pair well with the slimmer, more casual 5-pocket trousers that are dominating the game. Grab a solid to match your pants or dial up your look with a multi-color braid that picks up the color of your shirt. These belts also provide a lighter look and feel for the warm spring and summer months.

Dusty Pastels

Pastels are synonymous with spring and summer, but every year, the fashion world gives us a new take on these fresh and lively hues. This season, the ultra-bright pastels from past years are giving way to kinder and gentler colors. Dusty mint greens, muted apricots, and washed-out yellows are the must-have selections to add to your closet.

Sunday Bags

Style goes beyond your clothes. One way fashion-conscious golfers are expressing themselves is with old school carry bags. More Par-3 and 9-hole courses are popping up these days. These shorter layouts are helping to grow the game by reducing the time required to play a round. As a result, smaller Sunday bags are making a resurgence. Nowhere was this more evident than at the Masters Par-3 Contest. Many of the players’ spouses, kids, and caddies were seen walking the course with a few clubs tossed in one of these lightweight bags.

Tailored Shorts

Everything you have heard about pants also applies to shorts. Gone are the days of baggy cargos that sit below the knee. Now, shorts are as tailored as any pair of technical pants or chinos. This summer, look for shorts with a slim fit and a gentle taper through the thighs. And, make sure they are hemmed about an inch above the knee.

Solar Sleeves

Most technical golf polos include UPF protection, but an increasing number of PGA TOUR players are taking their sun protection a step further by wearing solar sleeves. These sleeves are easy to slip on and off, block harmful rays from the sun and keep the skin dry and cool. If you decide to grab solar sleeves this summer, try to match them to your polo for a clean look.


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