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    Arnold Palmer Apparel: looking good while doing good

  • The Arnold Palmer Apparel Fall 2017 Collection is available now in pro shops across the country.The Arnold Palmer Apparel Fall 2017 Collection is available now in pro shops across the country.

Arnold Palmer was one of the great style icons in the history of golf. Talk with present-day golf apparel designers and many still pull inspiration from Mr. Palmer’s looks from the Golden Era.

Although Palmer’s swashbuckling play and attractive style helped to grow the game, his philanthropy had a much greater impact on society as a whole. He raised funds for the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, which opened in 1989. Seventeen years later, the Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Children opened. Nearly 200,000 children have been born at the two hospitals combined, including the children of many PGA TOUR players. 


Today, Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation has been entrusted with continuing Mr. Palmer’s charitable legacy, and a new apparel label, Arnold Palmer Apparel, has formed a unique association with the foundation in an effort to further its philanthropic efforts.

As strong as the Arnold Palmer brand is, Mike Shea, Chairman and CEO of Arnold Palmer Apparel, felt the label needed another competitive edge in the marketplace. Following a similar model to Paul Newman’s company, Shea created a plan where all the profits from Arnold Palmer Apparel are donated to Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation. This was just the differentiation the new apparel brand needed. As a result, Arnold Palmer Apparel has landed in many of the top green grass accounts across the country.

For fall 2017, Arnold Palmer Apparel has launched a complete collection of polos, mid-layers, outerwear, shorts, pants, belts, hats, and even rain gear. If you are expecting the collection to be filled with retro styles inspired by Palmer’s favorite looks from his prime, guess again. These athletic designs are distinctly modern and are fabricated from high-performance materials. If Palmer was strolling the fairways in 2017, he would likely be wearing pieces from this contemporary collection.


Throughout his life, Mr. Palmer took great pride in the legibility of his signature. He often asked, “What’s the point of signing something if the person can’t read it or later can’t even remember who it was.” His logo, the multi-colored umbrella, also became one of the most recognized and iconic marks in the world. Both symbols have been elegantly woven into the collection. The understated branding elements appear on belt buckles, the right hip of shorts and pants, and the back yokes and sleeves of polo shirts.

Showcase polos in the collection include the heathered Magnolia, the striped PGA West and the sporty Arrowhead. All are available in dark blues, reds, greens and grays for the season and easily pair with the brand’s modern fit Hall of Fame trousers. Performance is at the forefront with the polos. The active stretch fabric moves with the swing, provides enhanced comfort thanks to moisture-wicking qualities and helps to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. When the temperature begins to drop, the Bluffs pullover offers a stylish option and packs in the warmth while blocking autumn’s cold winds.

arnold palmer belts_

Of all the pieces in Arnold Palmer Apparel’s Fall Collection, the belts possess the most personality. The Canvas belt with the embroidered umbrella logo is a must-have for fans of the King. For a more traditional look, the plate-style buckles on the Dimple and Groove belts feature the umbrella logo and a reversible leather strap. The Braided and Web offerings provide a more casual aesthetic and pair nicely with shorts during the warmer months.

The Arnold Palmer Apparel Fall 2017 Collection is available now in pro shops across the country.


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