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    Style Insider: Breaking down Dustin Johnson's style

    Tips for copying the winning looks of the world's top golfer

  • Looking to tune up your wardrobe as you return to the course? Our Style Insider brings you seven tips to elevate your style game to No. 1 status. (Justin Heiman/Getty Images)Looking to tune up your wardrobe as you return to the course? Our Style Insider brings you seven tips to elevate your style game to No. 1 status. (Justin Heiman/Getty Images)

1. Fit is No. 1

Dustin Johnson tightened up his wedge game to get to number one and along the way, he has also tightened up the fit of his clothing. He has been wearing slimmer fitting shirts for a few years, but now his sleeves are more tailored and his pants are slimmer, shorter, and more tapered. To copy DJ’s fit, make sure your sleeves hit at the middle of your bicep and ask your tailor for a short break in your pants.


2. Monochromatic looks never go out of style

Many of the top players in the world have a signature look, and for DJ his is a sleek monochromatic kit. While wearing the same color on the top and bottom seems simple enough, it is trickier than it looks.

Take cues from Johnson and avoid bright and primary colors. Instead, stick with classic black, navy blue, or gray. When wearing black or navy blue, make sure the color of your shirt, pants, and belt sync up perfectly. On the other hand, when wearing gray, combine a lighter shade with a darker shade. This will help you to create contrast and avoid looking washed out. Also, consider framing a monochrome look with white shoes and a white hat.


3. When in doubt, wear blue

There is a reason why your pro shop is filled with blue shirts. Blue looks good on everyone and it coordinates well with virtually every other color. You can play it safe by pairing it with neutrals, like tan and gray, or you can use it to balance a brighter color, like a vibrant pink or green. You can even pair a lighter shade of blue with a darker one.

As much as those modern monochromatic kits have become Dustin’s signature looks, a simple blue shirt is his go-to on Sundays. Given that blue is often associated with stability, trust, confidence, and calmness, it seems like the smart choice for keeping emotions in check during a final round.


4. Grab a belt with texture

DJ typically sticks with solids and subtle textures. While this strategy produces clean looks, the risk is that an outfit can come off looking flat and boring. If you like to keep things modest, take a page out of Dustin’s book and add some texture and interest with an exotic skin belt. Don’t have several Benjamins to plunk down for a crocodile or snake skin? No worries, a simple webbed or braided belt will do the trick. Another option is to pick up a leather strap with an exotic skin print. It will give you that same luxurious look without making your wallet hurt.


5. Classic and athletic are not mutually exclusive

When you think of athletic golf shoes, visions of sneakers and high-tops that are better suited for the gym than the course probably come to mind. However, Dustin proves that you can reap all the benefits of modern day performance while maintaining classic details.

For more than a year, Johnson has been lacing up Adidas Golf’s TOUR360 BOOST shoe. The 360Wrap technology creates stability in the midfoot area while offering a contemporary take on a traditional saddle design. The classic toe-down design of the front of the shoe is counterbalanced with the sporty ‘S’ shaped heel design, and a traditional cleated outsole sits on Adidas’ innovative BOOST midsole.


6. Bend it like DJ

Flat bills don’t look good on anyone. If you are still rockin’ one, now is the time to follow DJ’s lead and add a little curve to that bill. This doesn’t mean you have to opt for a slouchy dad-style hat, though. Instead, grab a well-structured cap like Dustin’s New Era 9Fifty Snapback and add a slight curve to it.


7. Use color for impact

Bright colors are like exclamation points. Use them too often and they lose their effect. Even if you favor a neutral palette like DJ, working in the occasional pink, red, or green will go a long way towards livening up your wardrobe.


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