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    Style Insider: Sun Mountain’s Elite Rain Gear

  • Sun Mountain’s new collection of Elite Rain Jackets and Pants is designed to keep golfers dry and to keep body temperatures down for ultimate performance. (Photos Courtesy of Sun Mountain)Sun Mountain’s new collection of Elite Rain Jackets and Pants is designed to keep golfers dry and to keep body temperatures down for ultimate performance. (Photos Courtesy of Sun Mountain)

This is the time of the year when foul weather gear takes center stage and Sun Mountain has answered Mother Nature’s call with a new collection of top-of-the-line rainwear. The appropriately named Elite Rain Jacket and Pants feature an innovative new quick dry waterproof fabric technology that provides a high level of breathability and stretch. 

“We are continually searching for technologies to improve the function of our outerwear,” explained Sun Mountain Vice President of Outerwear, Mark Heydon. “The new Elite Rain Jacket and Pants are made with the ultimate fabric that has a waterproof rating as high as any rain jacket we’ve ever offered while being extremely breathable, and stretching like our RainFlex.”

Over the years, golfers have traded protection from the elements for rain suits that were hot and uncomfortable. The 37.5 fabric on Sun Mountain’s Elite Rain Jacket and Pants, however, is designed to keep golfers dry inside and out by maintaining an ideal core body temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius (or 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit) while creating a relative humidity of 37.5%. What is the significance of this 37.5 microclimate? It is said to be the ideal zone for not only comfort but performance, too. (See images, above)


Together with a three-layer construction, the 37.5 fabric actually uses the body’s heat to speed the removal of perspiration vapor. Patented active particles in the fabric capture the vapor and then use body heat to push it away. In essence, the warmer a player becomes, the stronger the force is removing the perspiration vapor. This process leads to three times more breathability than competitors, according to Sun Mountain. In addition, the 37.5 fabric is said to dry five times faster to reduce that wet and clingy feeling.

From a style standpoint, the Elite Jacket features an understated, yet modern aesthetic. Available in three colorways (black, gray, and navy blue) the contrasting full-length zipper provides a pop of color, while the diagonal branding on the upper chest offers a sporty vibe. 

Well-appointed details like the four-way stretch fabric, two-way zipper, adjustable cuffs and hem, and pockets for hand warmers feed into the top-shelf nature of the Elite Rain Jacket. (See images, above.)


Sun Mountain's Elite Rain Gear is now available in pro-shops and e-commerce stores. (Photos Courtesy of Sun Mountain)

With a contemporary cut and belt loops, the Elite Pants are designed to look like a typical pair of technical golf pants. They feature the same 37.5 fabric and four-way stretch as the jacket, and they are loaded with well-thought-out features. 

Zippers on the insides of the front pockets allow players to easily reach tees and ball markers when the pants are layered over another pair of pants. The Auto-Fit™ stretch waist provides a comfortable fit, a snap system allows the pant legs to be shortened by 2.5 inches for a custom length, a fabric overlay on the inside of the ankle offers an extra layer of protection, and the deep lower leg zippers allow the pants to easily be slipped on over golf shoes.

Although the Elite Rain Jacket and Pants are part of Sun Mountain’s 2017 Collection, they are now available in pro shops and e-commerce sites. The jacket is priced at $299.99 and the pants check in at $259.99. (See images, above.)

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