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    Style Insider: Morgan Hoffmann on style and Greyson Clothiers

    Interview with one of the boldest dressers on TOUR

  • Start-up label Greyson Clothiers has elevated Morgan Hoffmann to one of the best dressed players out on TOUR. (Michael Cohen/Getty Images)Start-up label Greyson Clothiers has elevated Morgan Hoffmann to one of the best dressed players out on TOUR. (Michael Cohen/Getty Images)

Thanks to a range of bold and sophisticated looks from start-up label Greyson Clothiers, Morgan Hoffmann has established himself as one of the best dressed players on the PGA TOUR. He recently talked with our Style Insider about how his on-course testing impacts Greyson’s final products, why being part of a new brand is a dream come true, and how dressing well plays into his success on TOUR.

Style Insider: What was it about being part of a new brand that appealed to you?

Morgan Hoffmann: Charlie Schaefer (Founder & Creative Director at Greyson Clothiers) and I have known each other for a long time and we always dreamed of starting a brand with each other. It was always an exciting idea for both of us. But everything ended up happening in the blink of an eye. Next thing you know, the idea was really coming to life. I love having something outside of golf to help with. Greyson has turned out to be a dream come true and I'm so happy to be a part of it.

SI: How have you participated in the design process?

MH: That is Charlie's forte. I have helped pick a few fabrics for shirts, pants, and hoodies. My role has been more with the way our product fits and works on the course. Sometimes a shirt turns out to not have enough stretch in the sleeve, or it needs to be a little longer to tuck in. My role is minimal in the design, but I love having a small say for sure! The colors and styles of the designs are exactly what I love. Greyson is fun, chic, athletic, new, and exciting. It is different. I think it is important for everyone to have their own style, and Greyson is everything that I love in clothing.

SI: You have worn some bold patterns over the last couple of years. How important is looking good and standing out to creating a personal brand on TOUR?

MH: Yes, I have worn some bold patterns on TOUR. Charlie and I feel that when you look good, you feel good. That goes for standing out with what you wear, too. How you dress plays into your golf game. I think everyone should have their own style, flare, or personality in clothing.

SI: What are your favorite pieces to wear from Greyson’s collections?

MH: In the 2016 collection, my favorite pieces are the pants. They are so incredibly comfortable. The fabric is so soft, stretchy and breathable. I've never worn anything like it. The design on the shirts is really cool, too. My favorite shirt is the Alphapaw print that has wolf paws scattered on a navy shirt with a dark collar. The material on this piece is second to none.

Our Greyson Sport Collection is awesome. It brings a smile to my face just talking about it! The job that a workout piece needs to fulfill is very difficult. It must be flexible, light, moisture wicking, odor repellant, and look great. The team has perfected all of these and more in each of our pieces for the Sport line. My favorite is the black wolf hoodie. I travel everywhere with it. When it's cool out, it keeps me warm. But when it's warm out, it is still breathable. And not to mention, the fabric is unprecedented.

SI: You typically complete your Greyson outfits with custom spectator-style shoes from FootJoy. How do you work with Charlie and FootJoy to coordinate head-to-toe looks?

MH: My golf shoes are co-designed between Charlie, Chris Dejohn and myself to accompany the Greyson style. Footjoy is so great with their new MyJoy program, which lets you customize any shoe in their line. I love the wing tips. They are the only shoes that I wear.

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