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    Style Insider: Danny Lee talks fashion

  • Danny Lee made a statement in 2015 with his maiden PGA TOUR victory, and is still turning heads in 2016 with his style and social presence. (Scott Halleran/Getty Images)Danny Lee made a statement in 2015 with his maiden PGA TOUR victory, and is still turning heads in 2016 with his style and social presence. (Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

2015 Greenbrier Classic Champion Danny Lee has been one of the best dressed players on the PGA TOUR this year, and it is no coincidence that his sartorial rise began when he made the move to up-and-coming apparel brand Devereux at the beginning of the 2016. Since then, Lee has been turning heads with cool, classic and sophisticated looks week after week on TOUR.

Our Style Insider had a chance to get the scoop from Lee about his new threads, his favorite looks for spring, parking lot pranks with Rickie Fowler, and more.

Style Insider: You are one of the best-dressed players on the PGA TOUR. Why is it important to you to look your best on the course? 

Danny Lee: It’s important because my philosophy has always been “look good play good.”

How would you describe your personal style, both on and off the course?

I don’t really know a lot about style, that’s where [Devereux Creative Director] Robert Brunner comes in! But off the golf course, I do my best just to match the colors (laughter). 

You started wearing apparel from Devereux at the beginning of the year. What attracted you to Devereux’s apparel?

I really resonate with the vision that they have for the brand - to provide clothes that fit properly and have a classic feel. It is very hard to find clothes that are both comfortable and stylish on AND OFF the golf course, but Devereux gives me both.

What are a few of your favorite pieces from Devereux’s spring collection?

I really like what I wore during [Waste Management Phoenix Open] week. The aqua color pants, The Reed, Jonah and the Cole shirts with aqua accents. 

Devereux’s polos are fabricated from a Pima cotton blend. What performance benefits do you get from this fabric?

There are no restrictions with Devereux clothes. We golfers sweat a lot and have to hit shots from many different positions, in many different conditions. Devereux clothes keep me very comfortable no matter what type of shot I am hitting.

You are one of the social media stars on the PGA TOUR. How does being active in social media help you to connect with fans?

It’s hard for my fans in U.S., New Zealand, Korea, and around the World to follow what I am doing on and off the golf course, so I try my best to let them know what I am doing and who I am as a person…and I really enjoy doing it!

You and Rickie Fowler have been playing parking lot pranks on each other over the last year. How did this start? When can we expect the next prank from you?

It started when Rickie slapped my car really hard. But at this point, I think we are both waving white flags. I’m focused on my game.

You played in your first Presidents Cup last fall. Describe the experience and the emotions you felt playing in South Korea.

It was definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had. I was so nervous that week so I did not play well, but overall it was still an amazing experience that is hard to put into words. 

What are your on-course goals for 2016?

My goal is always to do better than what I did the year before. I know I had a great year last year and know that it will be very hard to top that, but I’m still aiming to do better.

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