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    Style Insider: Eight style resolutions for 2016

  • Some of your 2016 resolutions may have already fallen by the wayside; our Style Insider gives you a few easy ones to keep you looking sharp on and off the course this year. (Photos by Getty Images)Some of your 2016 resolutions may have already fallen by the wayside; our Style Insider gives you a few easy ones to keep you looking sharp on and off the course this year. (Photos by Getty Images)

#1 Get Clothes That Fit (see above)

While there is no saving some golf outfits, the easiest way to ruin a sweet setup is with an ill-fitting shirt and pants combo. As much as I talk about trendy colors, prints and patterns, a razor-sharp fit is the most important component to looking your best on the course. Baggy clothes don’t make you look slimmer. In fact, they have the opposite effect. Take a look at pictures of players from the late 90s with ‘short sleeves’ past their elbows, and then look at the clean fits that modern day players are sporting. There is no comparison.

#2 Tailor Your Pants

Sure, this is an extension of the first resolution, but is so important that it deserves to stand on its own. It is still amazing to me how many golfers, including PGA TOUR players, are wearing pants that bunch around the ankles and knees.

Today’s slim-fitting pants with a slight taper through the lower leg aren’t doing anyone any favors, either. Modern pants beg for a short break where the hem brushes the top of the shoe. For the very small percentage of you that have a perfect 30, 32 or 34 inch inseam, go ahead and ignore this. For the rest of us, let’s bring those new trousers and $12 to a professional tailor. And for good measure, bring this picture of Henrik Stenson as an example of how golf pants should be tailored in 2016.

#3 Clean and Polish Your Shoes

Shoes complete your look for better or worse. Whether you prefer classic brogues or modern athletic styles, the easiest way to keep your game on point is to keep those kicks looking clean and spiffy.

I’m not suggesting a military-grade spit shine, but a post-round cleaning and the occasional polishing will go a long way. Most of today’s leather and microfiber uppers resist dirt and require nothing more than a little soap and water, a toothbrush and a towel. Not only will your kicks look as fresh as the day you unboxed them, but this will also help them to last longer.

#4 Remember, Less is More

The days of the overly done-up golf costume are, well, done and over. PGA TOUR players like Ryan Moore, Geoff Ogilvy and Smylie Kaufman are proving that simple is sophisticated. While a few years ago it was all about making bold statements with amped up colors and aggressive patterns, 2016 is about keeping it effortless and free. Look for pieces that will easily transition from the course to the café. Brands like Linksoul, TravisMathew and Maide Golf are about as easy and casual as they come.

#5 Ditch the Gray Pants and Shorts

I liked gray. I really did until the golf apparel industry ruined it for me. Walk into any golf shop and you’ll find pants and shirts in 50 shades of gray. Take a look at the major championship apparel scripts in 2015. You would have thought players were required to wear gray pants in order to tee it up. Don’t be fooled by colors like cement, fog and charcoal. They are all fancy names for more grays. Gray is so played out at this point that khaki seems fresh again.

This year, grab some pants in green, red, pink and purple hues. Color below the waist always makes a stronger statement, anyway.

#6 Rock Some Prints

Be prepared. Prints will be everywhere in 2016. They’ve been trending hard in men’s fashion the last few years, and it is a trend that is showing no willingness to slow down.

Nearly every golf apparel brand will have prints in their collections this year. From subtle to bold, you can surely find a print to match your personality and style. J.Lindeberg has some sophisticated embossed prints in its collection. Check out the mod-inspired paisleys from Bunker Mentality and Whet Design, along with the intricate florals from QED Style. Just be sure to pair a print with a solid – that is unless your name is Ryo Ishikawa. If that’s the case, then go crazy by scaling micro and macro prints in one ensemble.

#7 Get an Old School Walking Bag

No matter how tricked out that golf buggy of yours is, there is nothing as stylish as grabbing your sticks, throwing them over your shoulder, and walking down the fairway.

This year, pick up a great walking bag. I’m not talking about one of those backpack-style, dual strap deals, either. Instead, get a retro single-strap, minimalist-style bag. MacKenzie Golf Bag Co. makes some top-shelf leather bags. For a more affordable option, though, check out an Original Jones Bag from Jones Sports Co. Even if you don’t use it for 18 hole rounds, it is a cool way to cruise around an executive course or for a quick nine.

#8 Add Some Stylish Head Covers

Now that you followed Resolution #7 and grabbed a sweet bag, let’s talk about those head covers. That monstrosity that came with your $400 driver is the equivalent of a billboard on the freeway. It is a big awkward advertisement, and unlike PGA TOUR players, that equipment manufacturer is not paying you for said advertising. Instead, swap these covers out for a more refined option from brands like Seamus Golf (shown above), Links & Kings, Iliac Golf or Stitch. Buy a complete set or get creative mixing and matching different styles and colors.

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