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    Style Insider: The skinny on adidas Golf's new outerwear

    Brand's director of global product marketing on new line of outerwear for Fall/Winter 2015

  • Though it is the middle of summer, weather conditions at The Open Championship put outerwear in the spotlight. Our Style Insider got the inside scoop from Dav Mattuicci of adidas Golf about the brand's upcoming Fall/Winter 2015 pieces. (Andrew Redington/Getty Images)Though it is the middle of summer, weather conditions at The Open Championship put outerwear in the spotlight. Our Style Insider got the inside scoop from Dav Mattuicci of adidas Golf about the brand's upcoming Fall/Winter 2015 pieces. (Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

With rain, blustery winds and chilly temperatures at The Open Championship, new outerwear pieces for Fall/Winter 2015 took center stage. Adidas Golf created a buzz at St. Andrews with a range of cutting-edge jackets, including the new quilted Climaheat Concept Fill Jacket worn by Jason Day.

Our Style Insider got the inside scoop on Day’s jacket and adidas Golf’s new line of outerwear for Fall 2015 from the brand’s director of global product marketing, Dav Mattuicci.

Style Insider: Adidas Golf’s brand ambassadors sported several new and interesting outerwear pieces at The Open Championship. How did they influence the design and performance of these?

Dav Mattuicci: Everything that we build is influenced by the guys who we are building it for. With a TOUR stable as deep as ours, we're really lucky that we have unmitigated access to our guys. We can pick their brains, and they give us phenomenal feedback on products. If they don't like something, they are going to straight-up tell us they don’t like it, and that piece will not make it onto their backs. It's just that simple.

For us, the TOUR is the ultimate validation for everything that we build. I just met with Dustin Johnson and Sergio Garcia a few weeks ago to start talking about next season. We picked their brains and had conversations about the things they love. Simple stuff, like what their houses look like, provides design insights to us on things they will like for the next generation products. We work about 18 months in advance of everything that we do, so it's up to us to anticipate trends, and figure out where they're going.

SI: What are your outerwear themes for Fall 2015?

DM: Everything we build is with golf in mind. Our products are built to be golf specific, but at the end of the day, a guy wants to look as good on the golf course as he does off of it.

We've begun thinking about these transitional pieces that can look good during an 18 hole round, but could also look great if you're out and about. It's about great looking pieces that are built to the highest levels of performance.

(Andrew Redington/Getty Images)   

SI: Jason Day repeatedly turned to the new Climaheat Concept Fill Jacket to combat the elements at St. Andrews. Talk a little bit about the warming and playability technology that is built into this jacket.

DM: The Climaheat Concept Fill Jacket has a quilted front. Climaheat is a proprietary fabric that our brand owns. Nobody else has that fabric, and nobody else can make it. The coolest thing about it is how unbelievably light-weight it is, and how much it moves. Even at a place like St. Andrews, for example, where it can get pretty cold, you can still layer up without bulk.

One of the things that we've heard from our guys continuously is that they don't want to have three, four, five layers on. They still want to swing the club freely. They still want to be able to move without restriction. That is part of the inspiration for us when we're building these products -- performance first, followed closely by aesthetics.

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SI: Jason Day also wore another unique outerwear piece, the Climaheat Hybrid Half-Zip Shell. It offers a bit of a high-fashion look and it is constructed from a combination of different fabrics. How do the various fabrics play into the performance of the jacket?

DM: There are woven elements on the shoulders and across the top, which for a guy like Jason Day, aren't necessarily there for performance reasons. But, for a guy carrying a bag, those woven patches on the shoulders will actually make getting the bag on and off a little easier, as well as reducing the wear on the fabric itself. The same is true of the elbow patches.

(Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

SI: You have a few new rain jackets in the collection. What are the differences between these jackets?

DM: The Climastorm Packable Jacket is our entry-level price point. The Climaproof GORE-TEX 2-layer piece obviously has the higher price tag associated with it for many reasons, the most important of which is the fact that it'll perform at the most grueling level. The same thing goes for the Climaproof Advanced Jacket. Anything that we brand Climaproof is guaranteed, and we put our name on the line for it.

We’ve redesigned the GORE-TEX pieces for Fall/Winter 2015 based on feedback from, not only the TOUR guys, but guys on our pro staff. We are really happy with the look. We think it's a little bit more athletic than where we were when we first introduced GORE-TEX in our range. We've received some phenomenal feedback.

Our Pinnacle Jacket is actually not a GORE-TEX piece. It is a proprietary fabric that we developed here as a brand. You'll be seeing the guys wearing a modified version of this on TOUR because they requested short sleeves. It's really sharp. It's really modern. It's a really nice take on traditional rainwear. If you are so inclined, you can tack the hood onto it and you can wear it around town.

SI: Speaking of hoods, we haven’t seen many hooded jackets on the course over the years, but you have one in your line up for Fall 2015. Was this designed to be more of an on-course piece or an off-course piece?

DM: Our goal is to outfit golfers whether they're playing 18, or whether they're on the driving range, or whether they're in the clubhouse.

That particular hoodie is part of what we called the Travel Capsule. The whole insight around this capsule came from talking with our TOUR pros. These guys obviously spend a lot of time on the road, so we wanted to build products that they could wear on planes, wear to the gym, wear to go hit balls on the range, and wear on the golf course, if they were so inclined. The inspiration is not necessarily to go play 18 in this. The inspiration is, what are golfers doing when they're not playing 18? Let's give them something transitional, something versatile.

(Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

SI: Base-layers received a lot of play at The Open Championship, and you put an interesting twist on them. Talk a little bit about bringing some personality to base-layers with the camo prints.

DM: The base-layer has always been really boring solid colors. Typically white. Typically black. We wanted to do something to ratchet it up a little bit.

That camo print is a print that we've actually carried through the rest of our line for Fall/Winter 2015. It’s our seasonal print, and it appears in a few different places.

Camo has been a hot trend, and we were trying to do camo in a way that wasn't so camo, or so hunting- or outdoor-specific. We wanted to do it in a cool way that was compelling and golf appropriate. We think it looks great when you pair it with a shirt that's not necessarily loud and bold. You still get a nice little hit of print and texture. It’s very golf and very sporty.    

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