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    Style Insider: Inside Rickie Fowler’s U.S. Open script

  • Our Style Insider spoke with Rickie Fowler's COBRA PUMA Golf team to break down what went into crafting his looks for the 115th U.S. Open. (Images courtesy of Puma Golf)Our Style Insider spoke with Rickie Fowler's COBRA PUMA Golf team to break down what went into crafting his looks for the 115th U.S. Open. (Images courtesy of Puma Golf)

Rickie Fowler is set to tee it up at the 115th U.S. Open today in a limited edition pair of PUMA Golf’s TITANTOUR shoes and new looks from the brand’s new Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection.


What went into creating Rickie’s script? How far in advance did the process start? How did his personal style influence the script and PUMA Golf’s latest collection?


I had the opportunity to get the inside scoop on Rickie’s threads, kicks, and lids for the U.S. Open from the team at COBRA PUMA Golf, including: Kristin Hinze, Team Head, Golf Apparel; Andrew Gilkison, Team Head, Golf Accessories; and Grant Knudson, Team Head, Golf Footwear.


Style Insider: At the U.S. Open, Rickie Fowler will debut pieces from PUMA Golf’s Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection. What can we expect from Rickie from a style standpoint at Chambers Bay?


Kristin Hinze: Obviously in celebration of the U.S. Open we had to add in some red, white and blue to the looks throughout the week, including the new Limited Edition TITANTOUR shoes inspired by the event. Rickie’s style has evolved a little over the years. While he still loves bold colors and graphics, overall his look is a little more mature and balanced. His look is stronger and cleaner, yet still a representation of his personality and style.


SI: Walk us through the process of creating Rickie’s script. How did his personal style influence the script? How far in advance did you begin creating the script?


KH: Since Rickie has such an avid fan base, we realize that his outfits move the needle, thus his looks are comprised of some of our best-selling styles. We plan his scripts more than a year in advance as our buyers want to know what he’s wearing, so that when the new collections launch, they have enough stock to meet customer demand.


Scripting is a great opportunity for us to tell our newest and best product stories – so we’ll pull some looks together and work with Rickie to make sure they include his favorites. It’s a pretty seamless process at this point. We’ve been working together for more than six years and his personal style has a lot of influence on the overall PUMA Golf collection, not just the scripts.


SI: Rickie won THE PLAYERS Championship last month in ‘Mother’s Day Pink’ rather than his signature ‘Sunday Orange.’ Tell us about his Sunday look at the U.S. Open. Will he be back to his signature orange?


Rickie’s win at THE PLAYERS couldn’t have been more exciting. The office was buzzing on Monday morning – our President & CEO was walking around high-fiving everyone. It was pretty cool to see him in a new look for such an epic win.


U.S. Open Sunday is a perfect example of his style evolution. Vibrant orange is still his signature, but in this case his polo features bold navy and white stripes with just an accent of orange. It’s a fresh look for Rickie, and also a little more relatable for fans. Additionally, Sunday at THE PLAYERS is “Pink Out” – where players, caddies and spectators are asked to wear pink in honor of Mother’s Day as well as in support of breast cancer research and care. Rickie is always on board to support this day and the great cause.


SI: Conditions at Chambers Bay are expected to be quite variable. What challenges does this unpredictability present when putting together his script? How will his outerwear selections help to keep him warm and dry, while also maintaining playability?


KH: Autumn Winter ‘15 is the official launch of our PWRWarm collection, so secretly we’re almost hoping for some cool conditions! PWRWarm technology features a ceramic print on the inside of the garment which actually retains the players own body heat and returns it back to them when the temperature drops outside, increasing the temperature of the microclimate inside the garment. The best part is that we were able to apply PWRWarm to lightweight knit fabrics, so it’s really comfortable, yet allows the player to retain full range of motion.


Rickie has always been a trendsetter in headwear on the PGA TOUR. At the Masters and THE PLAYERS Championship he sported a new 5-panel cap. He is scripted to wear this same hat Saturday at the U.S. Open. What was the inspiration behind this new style of hat?


Andrew Gilkison: The 5-panel cap was the result of the global accessory team bringing non-traditional golf innovation, sports style, and design to the table in headwear.


We showed it to Rickie in February of this year and he immediately wanted to put it in play. With our upcoming launch of the #MovingDay campaign (where Rickie is wearing COBRA branded headwear on Saturdays) it was the perfect opportunity to launch the new look. The cap also features high performance QuickDry Twill material and internal moisture wicking sweat band with stretch.


Rickie has been favoring the 6-pocket pants throughout 2015. He will wear them for three of the four rounds at Chambers Bay. Why have these become a favorite for him this year?


KH: The six pocket is definitely Rickie’s go to pant. He actually had a hand in designing them – he asked for the “sixth” pocket - an extra deep scorecard pocket built inside the back patch pocket. The fabric is light and QuickDry, and the patch pocket silhouette is more progressive and stylish for the golf course than your traditional trouser. PUMA Golf offers the pant in tons of great colors – so there is something for everyone and pants for every outfit.



Fowler has enjoyed success in the TITANTOUR shoe this season. At the U.S. Open he will lace up a limited edition red, white and blue colorway. How did his style and performance preferences influence the design of the TITANTOUR?


Grant Knudson: When we design our footwear, we look to Rickie to provide us with feedback - what he likes from the previous season, and what he’s looking for to improve his game in the future.


First and foremost we focus on performance. We want our players to have every possible advantage out on course, and we start from the ground up, paying attention to every detail. In the TITANTOUR it’s the Power Frame outsole and the stealth cleat configuration with grip zone technology that provides power, traction and extreme comfort on course.


Next we focus on comfort – we want our players to be focused on their game, not their shoes. New Outlast technology in the TITANTOURs keep your feet cool while Shapelock memory foam provides the perfect combination of comfort and stability.


Lastly, obviously style is important. Rickie is a major style guy – that’s why we use Premium full grain leather and top-of-the-line materials with subtle details that cater to his preferences. We offer some louder options and some more balanced, toned down ones – something to fit every style and mood that he is in.

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