TOUR wives share presents that brought the biggest smiles

Courtesy Crane family
Before the Crane family grew, see what Heather Crane gave Ben for Christmas.
December 04, 2013

PGATOUR.COM has asked members of the PGA TOUR Wives Association some questions in the spirit of the holidays. Their answers will run on the website during the next five weeks.

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What is the present that brought the biggest smile to your face (could be one that you received or gave)?

AMY WILSON (wife of Mark): About five years ago Mark made me feel like a little girl on Christmas morning. I had been riding the same mountain bike for about 15 years and Mark decided it was time to get an adult bike for me. He picked out a pink bike, put a big red ribbon on it, and parked it in front of the tree. When I came in to the living room on Christmas morning, I felt like I was 8 years old and it is a moment I will always cherish.

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DEANNA PETTERSSON (wife of Carl): A couple years ago, Carl gave me a beautiful bracelet. I opened it up, I loved it … then starting laughing…. he said, “what’s wrong … you don’t like it?” I said, “NO, I love it ... but you gave me the same one last year.” I guess he really liked that bracelet. He was a great sport and we went together to exchange it. He still hasn’t lived it down …

ERIN WALKER (wife of Jimmy): I got Jimmy his first telescope a few years back. Of course, that one didn't last long, but I'm happy my husband has a unique hobby that challenges him -- astrophotography.

MEGAN GORE (wife of Jason): It's hard to choose one but watching the kids' faces light up on Christmas day is a present in itself.

JENNIFER STALLINGS (wife of Scott): For our anniversary this year (yes, sorry it's wasn't a christmas gift) Scott secretly had pictures of Finn taken for me and made a book. It took a lot of planning and thought.  It made me smile pretty big! 

KATE ROSE (wife of Justin): My favorite presents are the three rings my husband has given me: one to propose, and one thank-you ring for each baby I brewed for him! Each ring is beautiful to look at, but conjures such significant memories for me. Obviously I don't wear them all at the same time :)

AMANDA BYRD (wife of Jonathan): Last year on Christmas morning we surprised our kids with a treehouse! It was so much fun!

ALLISON BROWN (wife of Scott): The best present ever was our little girl, Elizabeth Marie. We didn't know what God had in store for us, but He knew all along she was just what we needed.

HEATHER CRANE (wife of Ben): Early on in our marriage, after Ben's rookie year, I had a big collage framed of all his highlights of his first year on TOUR. We have since added other yearly collections and we love to look at them in Ben's golf studio.

COURTNEY STREELMAN (wife of Kevin): I drew a rainbow trout for my dad in high school (he is a fisherman). I couldn't wait to give it to him and he was so thrilled and impressed with how it turned out.

DOWD SIMPSON (wife of Webb): The gift of my two babies, James and Willow and our other little miracle on the way!

BRITTANY HORSCHEL (wife of Billy): Billy and I LOVE giving presents to our nieces, Darby and Lottie. The smiles and excitement on their faces is absolutely priceless.

TAMI BLANKS (wife of Kris): One year Kris framed lyrics to the song "You Can't Hide Beautiful." I cried when I read it.

AMI GARRIGUS (wife of Robert): Last year Robert surprised me with the most beautiful wedding ring to replace the one he gave me on our engagement. It completely stunned me. He is horrible at keeping secrets and I usually always know what my gift is before I get it. This time he stumped me!