TOUR wives share their holiday decorating routines

Courtesy Blanks family
Kris Blanks is happy to play Santa. But is he happy to decorate?
December 04, 2013

PGATOUR.COM has asked members of the PGA TOUR Wives Association some questions in the spirit of the holidays. Their answers will run on the website during the next five weeks.

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How does the holiday decorating process work in your house? Are your husband and kids involved? Are there any special decorations you put up?

AMY WILSON (wife of Mark): Christmas is a very special time and we transform the house into a red-and-green explosion. We even take all the pictures and some artwork down to replace with holiday photos from over the years and Christmas or winter artwork. Mark is in charge of all decorating outside the house, while I am in charge of all decorating inside the house. The one thing we always do as a family is decorate the Christmas tree. These days we let the kids do it while we facilitate and hope they break as few ornaments as possible.

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DEANNA PETTERSSON (wife of Carl): Christmas decorating starts EARLY in our house. We usually decorate the week before Thanksgiving because we often spend the Thanksgiving holiday on vacation with family. Decorating is mostly just me. We used to call Carl "The Grinch" because he didn’t like having to put the tree up and down, decorating and un decorating. So, he had one tree that he just shoved in a closet -- ornaments and all. Then at Christmas, he’d pull it out of the closet, drag it up the stairs ( ornaments, garland, branches falling in the process) , plug it in and say "done." Since then I've purchased a tree I can assemble and disassemble on my own. It’s my “creative time.” Put the tree up, Christmas music on, glass of wine and start decorating. The kids do have one tree that’s just for them. They can decorate it any way they want BUT they have to make all the decorations they put on the tree.

ERIN WALKER (wife of Jimmy): We collect ornaments from our travels and we enjoy reminiscing about each one as we put them on the tree. It will be fun sharing all these experiences with our kids as they get older.

MEGAN GORE (wife of Jason): Every year, we have grand intentions of going out to chop down a Christmas tree Griswold-style, but usually we cave to putting up our pre-lit tree. Everyone gets a stocking on the mantle, including our dogs. We leave "reindeer food" on the front doorstep on Christmas Eve. After the kids go to bed we sprinkle glitter all over our front walkway and draw hoof prints into it leading up to our house … proof the next morning that the reindeer had visited! On Christmas morning, Jason always cooks a buffet breakfast including his famous French Toast (the recipe is in the PTWA Anniversary book!)

JENNIFER STALLINGS (wife of Scott): Scott, help with holiday decorating? Ha! I did con him into helping me with the Christmas tree this year. I told him that he'd feel really bad if I feel down the stairs carrying it down from the attic. I think I may try that tactic every year.

KATE ROSE (wife of Justin): There is no real process yet as each year differs. Last year for example, we took the children on Justin's round the world "off season." As a European Tour player his November and December entails tournaments in China, Turkey, Dubai, South Africa, Thailand and Australia! This year he is doing all of it without us, so we will be decorating a tree without him. Just one of many things these TOUR pros miss out on!

AMANDA BYRD (wife of Jonathan): Everyone is involved. Jonathan helps with the outside lights and wreaths and brings everything down from the attic! We always go out for pizza the night we get our tree! We play Christmas music and drink hot chocolate while we decorate!

ALLISON BROWN (wife of Scott): When it comes to decorating, I do it all. I put up as many trees as possible each year. Last year, I had six fully decorated and glamorous Christmas trees. This year, with a toddler, I may have to downsize to just three trees, but decorating my trees is something I look forward to each year. We are actually getting one real tree for the first time this year!

HEATHER CRANE (wife of Ben): Ben doesn't really have patience to decorate for Christmas, but our oldest child is so into it now. This year, Ben is going to take our son on a hunting trip with his brother and nephew in Arkansas, so our oldest daughter and I are planning on putting up the tree together while they are gone. Love to play Christmas music while we get all the decorations out!

COURTNEY STREELMAN (wife of Kevin): It varies every year, but Mannheim Steamroller is always playing however it's done.

DOWD SIMPSON (wife of Webb): I love Christmas! It is one of my favorite holidays. And I love to decorate! So our home turns into a winter wonderland.

BRITTANY HORSCHEL (wife of Billy): This year, we are doing things differently since its our first Christmas in a house where we can host. We are going to pick up a REAL tree and decorate it with our families a few days before Christmas. I put up Mark Roberts Santas in random places where they just kinda sneak up on you!

TAMI BLANKS (wife of Kris): Decorating in our house goes like this: Mom does everything and three boys sit on the couch and supervise.

AMI GARRIGUS (wife of Robert): We always cut down a Christmas tree with Robert's parents in Oregon on Thanksgiving. Last year our oldest son, R.J. chose the tree and Robert sawed it down. It was freezing! But such a fun memory. We are excited to bring our newest little boy Andrew to cut one down this year.