TOUR wives discuss Thanksgiving Day musts, and if their husbands help clean up

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Dowd Simpson's special cranberry sauce dessert is a favorite of her husband, Webb.
November 27, 2013

PGATOUR.COM has asked members of the PGA TOUR Wives Association some questions in the spirit of the holidays. Their answers will run on the website during the next five weeks.

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What is a "must" for your Thanksgiving Day table? Does your husband help cook or clean up -- and how soon before he takes a nap or picks up the TV remote?

AMY WILSON (wife of Mark): We are thankful that my brother and sister-in-law host Thanksgiving. We just have to bring a side dish and do our best to eat as much as possible. Mark's favorite dish is brown sugar and marshmallows with a little bit of sweet potatoes underneath. My favorite dish is the stuffing.

ERIN WALKER (wife of Jimmy): Jimmy is a turkey frying master! I had never experienced fried turkey until we met and I moved to Texas, and now I am a complete convert -- there is no other way to eat turkey.

MEGAN GORE (wife of Jason): We always cook two turkeys: one oven-baked and one fried. Jason is in charge of the fried turkey (and it always turns out the best!). Every year there is some great fryer debacle, though. One year the fryer wouldn't turn on, the next year we couldn't get the new fryer to heat, and once in a rented house I tripped all the circuit breakers midway through the frying time by turning on a blow dryer. Jason and I both cook together and we usually come up with a Thanksgiving theme for each year, complete with gifts for our guests. Thanksgiving is our favorite week of fun and food!

JENNIFER STALLINGS (wife of Scott): A must on our Thanksgiving table is banana pudding. It's Scott's favorite. Scott does help cook. The last couple of years he has been in charge of the turkey. He takes great pride in his Big Green Egg turkey ... ask him. He picks up the TV remote as soon as I will let him change from the parade.

KATE ROSE (wife of Justin): As Brits, we enjoy Thanksgiving more for the idea of practicing gratitude rather than for any historical reason. I must admit, we are yet to host a Thanksgiving dinner, as our great neighbours at Lake Nona love to entertain on that day and we enjoy joining in the American celebrations!

AMANDA BYRD (wife of Jonathan): Flowers and the NEST pumpkin candle or any Polo Ralph Lauren Candle. Jonathan has been known to fry a turkey which is always fun and my kids cannot wait to watch the Macy's Day Parade! They will sit and watch it from start to finish! We alternate every year celebrating with my family and Jonathan's. When we have Thanksgiving with my family we always have a "turkey bowl" football game with all my cousins and aunts and uncles -- and our kids play, too. We have shirts and everything!

DEANNA PETTERSSON (wife of Carl): Dressing. (NOT Stuffing and yes, there is a difference) Stuffing goes in the bird, Dressing is made in a pan. Carl likes to help supervise and will gladly be a "taste tester” -- otherwise, I keep him out the kitchen. Nap time commences approximately two minutes after the meal ... unless he can carve out a spot of the couch quicker than that.

ALLISON BROWN (with of Scott): My grandmother's dressing is a must for our Thanksgiving dinner! It is always fun to make because my mom, aunt, and I each taste test to see if we used enough sage. My grandmother's recipe calls for a "heaping handful plus three tablespoons." Scott fries our turkey for Thanksgiving. Our caddie's dad, Mr. Hughey, taught him how to do it! And believe me, Scott has the football games on all day!

HEATHER CRANE (wife of Ben): Our favorite dish is a cranberry bread recipe that my mom cut out the Oregonian newspaper before I was born. My sister and I continue to make it for our families, can't imagine Thanksgiving without it! It is warm and gooey, then you make a sugar sauce to pour over it right before eating -- truly delicious! Ben is eager to assist me in the kitchen. Last year we took on the turkey for the first time. He had the most fun injecting the turkey with a syringe full of melted butter. He is not much of a cleaner-upper, but he loves to help get everything going in the final moments -- he is a pro at carving the turkey!

COURTNEY STREELMAN (wife of Kevin): Our Thanksgiving Day "must" is football. Maybe not while AT the table, but we love the long football weekend. Kevin does most of the cleaning (he prides himself on his dishwashing skills) and I usually maintain possession of the remote to maximize our football watching options.

DOWD SIMPSON (wife of Webb): Cranberry sauce!!!!!!!! It's more of a dessert than a side dish. I make it with cranberries and apples and then top it with a brown star cinnamon oatmeal crumble. I could easily make it throughout the year but then I wouldn't have something to look so forward to eating that has become a staple and super special around our table. Webb is so sweet! I hate cleaning up. It's my least favorite part. So we either eat on paper plates and make it super easy or he will load the dishwasher for me. We both have huge extended families. I am one of five and he is one of six so there is way too much going on with siblings and cousins and babies to really have to time to watch more than five minutes here or six minutes (of football) here or there.

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