Interview: Lee Trevino

Courtesy of EA SPORTS
March 04, 2013
D.J. Piehowski,

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Lee Trevino will be featured in EA SPORTS’ Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14’s Legends of the Majors mode. Here’s a short question-and-answer session with the six-time major winner.

Q: First question has to be, what is your history with video games?

LEE TREVINO: Well, with the exception of buying them for my kids, I don’t have a whole lot of history. I wouldn’t have any idea how to hook it up to tell you the truth.

Q: What can kids learn from playing some of the old courses that will be in this new game?

TREVINO: It’s interesting. A lot of young people wouldn’t know how to play those old golf courses. If you look at all the old golfers, they all hit down on the ball because we didn’t have the grass they have today. The greatest invention in golf has been the mower. Fertilizer, water and the mower. They’ve gotten these golf courses now where they are almost like tennis – anywhere you go, they are maintained the same way.

Q: If you’re a 10-year-old kid playing this game, who do you choose to play against?

TREVINO: You’d want to play against Tiger. If you’re 10 years old, you don’t know me. You may have heard of Jack and Arnold, but you play against Tiger. He’s still the best. There’s no doubt about it.

Q: If this game came out when you were a 10-year-old, who would you have wanted to play against?

TREVINO: I didn’t really know of any golfers back then. The only guy I’d heard of was Mr. Hogan because he was not too far away from Dallas. Him and Byron Nelson. We knew about those two. 

Q: Does it bother you that there might be a generation that knows you as the guy from the video game?

TREVINO: (Laughs) That’s it. They all know me from that and “Happy Gilmore.” Seriously. I’m three generations removed from these kids today. But it’s no different than getting a kid into baseball today. They can tell you who A-Rod is, but ask him who Mike Schmidt is. He wouldn’t have a clue. But that’s what life’s about. You don’t dwell on those guys; it’s history. That’s like asking us about Old Tom Morris or Tom Morris Jr. But they were pretty good. 1860, baby!

Q: What do you think Bobby Jones would say about being in this game?

TREVINO: I will tell you this. Bobby Jones played with wooden-shafted clubs. I’ve watched some of his videos. He was phenomenal. He was the Tiger Woods of the ‘20s. No question. They couldn’t beat him. He was an amateur and he won all the tournaments.