Reno-Tahoe Open to switch to Modified Stableford

October 24, 2011
PGATOUR.COM news services

RENO, Nev. -- The Reno-Tahoe Open will change its scoring format for 2012 to become the only tournament on the PGA TOUR to use the Modified Stableford system.

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The last tournament on the PGA TOUR to use the Modified Stableford system was The International in 2006.

The Modified Stableford system allocates points based on the number of strokes taken at each hole, with the goal of achieving the highest overall score.

Differing from a normal Stableford scoring system, a Modified Stableford features higher penalties for poor shots -- minus three points for a double bogey for example -- and greater rewards for good shots, such as plus eight for a double eagle.

The number of points is awarded based on relation to par; however, the most points are awarded for the least number of strokes.

Scoring system
Here is the points breakdown under the Modified Stableford system.
Double eagle 8 points
Eagle 5 points
Birdie 2 points
Par 0 points
Bogey -1 points
Double bogey/worse -3 points

"The PGA TOUR believes there is merit to this format for Reno," PGA TOUR Vice President and Chief of Operations Andy Pazder said in a statement. "The Modified Stableford system not only promotes aggressive play, which the tournament is already known for, but Montreux lends itself well to this exciting format with its series of challenging finishing holes."

The Stableford system was developed more than 100 years ago to deter golfers from giving up after playing only one or two bad holes, a common occurrence during tournament play. It is also credited with significantly speeding up the pace of play.

"This is an absolutely momentous occasion in the history of this tournament," said Jana Smoley, the tournament's executive director. "This is a change that truly sets us apart from other tournaments and is just one more reason why people will come out to see us next year at Montreux. We're very excited to see how this new scoring format plays out in 2012."

The Reno-Tahoe Open will take place Aug. 2-Aug. 5, 2012.