It's money that matters this week for Simpson, Donald

October 19, 2011
Thoughts on their Money Showdown
Here's what Webb Simpson and Luke Donald said about this week's duel

ON HIS MONEY BATTLE WITH DONALD: "Our main deal for the week is going to be trying to compete and win the golf tournament. We obviously want to win the Money List, but in order to do that, we've got to finish strong and have a good week."

ON COMPARISONS TO LAST MONTH'S PLAYOFFS RACE: "We kind of have another little mini-tournament here for another award. That was for FedEx and now this is for the Money List. So I'm sure the feelings will be pretty similar to the way we were feeling then."

ON BEING PAIRED WITH DONALD IN THE FIRST TWO ROUNDS: "I think my No. 1 goal/challenge will be to not get too involved in what he's doing. ... The more I can focus on myself, the less I'll think about Luke and the rest of the guys in the field."

ON EVERYTHING THAT'S AT STAKE THIS WEEK: "My caddie and I have gone back and forth talking. Would you rather win Player of the Year or the Money List title? You know, I don't know which one is more important to me, but I know they're all great."

ON COMPARISONS WITH DONALD: "We've had similar years. He's had a few chances to win and won one time. I've had a few chances to win and won twice. His finishes, when you look at his stats and mine, they seem to be similar."

ON HOW WELL HE KNOWS DONALD: "Luke and I don't know each other well, but he's a Polo guy; I'm a Polo guy. We've gotten to know each other a little bit. We have a good relationship but haven't gone to dinner yet. I don't suppose we'll go to dinner this week."
  ON HIS MONEY BATTLE WITH SIMPSON: "He's obviously gotten ahead of me. I know what I need to do. It's not going to be easy, but it would be great to go out there and win this event. Hopefully that would be good enough to win the money title."

ON PLAYING SEVEN LESS TOUR EVENTS THAN SIMPSON: "Obviously I feel like if I played as many events as Webb, I probably wouldn't be in this situation. But, you know, I choose to play both tours."

ON WHEN HE FIRST STARTED THINKING ABOUT WINNING BOTH MONEY TITLES: "I think I briefly thought about it over the last few years in terms of obviously Tiger ... doing it unofficially. But no one has really ever accomplished that goal ... I suppose when I won at the Match Play, winning obviously a world event which counts on both (tours), starts to make you think about it a little bit more. You need to play well in the right events, and I've done that for the most part."

ON BEING PAIRED WITH SIMPSON IN THE FIRST TWO ROUNDS: "I think that was only the natural pairing, so I look forward to playing against him. It will be nice to keep an eye on what he's doing."

ON HIS WIN-OR-ELSE MENTALITY THIS WEEK: "I'm here obviously to win the money title and I'm probably going to need to win to do that. So feels a little bit like the FedExCup and the TOUR Championship. Third place isn't going to get it done."
Tale of the Tape: PGA TOUR money
$6,200,243 2011 earnings $5,837,214
1st 2011 rank on Money List 2nd
25 2011 TOUR starts 18
$248,009.72 Earnings per 2011 TOUR start $324,289.66
3.83 percent
Rank: 4th on TOUR
Pct. of available purse won in 2011 4.39 percent
Rank: 3rd on TOUR
$8,461,339 Career money earnings $24,502,410
147th Rank on TOUR's career Money List 20th
in 2011 season
Highest earnings in one year $5,837,214
in 2011 season
93 Career PGA TOUR starts 216
$90,982.14 Career earnings per TOUR start $113,437.08

Tthe top two players on the PGA TOUR's Money List, Webb Simpson and Luke Donald, will be paired together for the first two rounds of this week's Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Classic. Here's a look at their thoughts about competing for the money title, as well as a look at some of their key money statistics. FEATURED GROUP: For more on the Simpson-Donald pairing this week, click here