What they said: Shane Bertsch

October 09, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Frys.com transcript archive Q. Shane Bertsch, not concerned with the Money List while you were out on the golf course and didn't even look at it before the tournament began. Take us through the stretch. What was this day like??

SHANE BERTSCH: It was just a great start. I had some pretty good feelings all week, and got off to a really hot start, made three birdies on the first four. Gave a couple back, and you know, I just wasn't ready to quit yet and got in a good run there 8 through or 8, 9, 10, and 12, and then I started to just -- you know, I was really going for it instead of a lot of times I'll get out here and be content with where I'm at. And I think it helped me shoot up a little bit at the end. I would have liked to get a couple more.

But making that eagle on 15 was fun. My brother gave me a perfect number. He talked me out of a club, and we landed it in there about a foot from the hole, and I made about a 20-footer, and all of a sudden I was right there. Couldn't quite finish it off, but played real good, played real good.

Q. It's that time of year you gotta go for it. Good playing, and we'll see what happens.

SHANE BERTSCH: Thanks. Appreciate it.

Q. You were really excited after that eagle on the 15th.

SHANE BERTSCH: Yeah. I mean like I said, my brother talked me into another club there, and it was perfect. And then I made a great putt, and all of a sudden I was like, this could be my day, you know. Felt like I really had a chance, and missed a little 2-footer on 16 there. I worked hard all week. I was keeping my head down, and I have to admit, I peeked on that one, and just got away from me. The green was pretty blemished up there, and it just bounced, and I didn't birdie either of the last two and I was in good shape.

But all in all, incredible week, but I sure would like to go to Hawaii early. That would have been fun.

Q. Did the adrenaline kick in, because it looked like that wedge into the 18th just flew right over the top of the flag. You were surprised that it went that far.

SHANE BERTSCH: Oh, unbelievable. That was an L-wedge, 60-degree wedge from 106 yards, and I hadn't hit it from that distance at all this week. And it was a little downhill lie and the greens are so soft you feel like you gotta fly it right to it, but I think it flew 112 or 113 yards in the air. So I had a real good lie over there. I probably could have got a drop. I was on some sodded areas, and I had a good lie, perfect lie to chip in. Didn't quite do it.

Q. You gave it a run. You started the week outside 170 on the Money List. You're going to make a big check. This is a successful week.

SHANE BERTSCH: Yeah. It's definitely a successful week, and like I said, I hope that one on 16 doesn't cost me too much. I know it's going to cost me, but hopefully it doesn't cost me like a chance at a playoff or something. But we'll see.

Q. Congrats on a great week.