What they said: Adam Hadwin

October 08, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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THE MODERATOR: I'd like to welcome Adam Hadwin. Nice round today of 64. You tied the course record. Kind of go through your round and then we'll take questions.

ADAM HADWIN: I obviously didn't get off to the start that I like. Hit two great shots and then 3 putted from about 10 feet. Real solid golf. Hit the ball real well today, fairways and greens, gave myself a lot of chances just couldn't fall the bottom of the hole that front nine. Got a couple on 7 and 8 there and then kind of tore up the back nine. Distrusted what I read and then kind of bored down on it. And that stretch of 13, 14, 15 was kind of a big momentum boost, a lot of good shots, and then was able to get that eagle. It was a good solid round.

Q. Go through birdie birdie eagle.

ADAM HADWIN: 13, it's a good driving hole. 3 wood off the tee, so I couldn't reach that far. Left bunker. I put myself in a good spot, had 133 with a pitching wedge and flew it long, spun it back, and rolled that one in.

14 is obviously a very good hole. They moved the tees up, which makes it easier for me because that right bunker is out of play. Smashed the drive down there. Had 167, I think; 170 pin. I hit a great 7 iron all of four feet or something up the hill and made that.

Of course the tee shot right on 15 was just able to clear that right hazard. I had 240 in. The wind was coming just slightly. I was really just trying to look at getting it 35, 40 feet on top. Was somehow able to hit the shot of the day for my anyways, little high draw 3 iron, hit it to 10 feet and rolled that one in

Q. What have you been up to since Shaughnessy this year? Where have you been playing? Do you have your money in for Q School?

ADAM HADWIN: I played Greenbrier the following week and then took a week off. Got back at it. Finished up the Canadian Tour season, I had two events in Ontario, finished that out. Really didn't have much. I went down and played the World Cup qualifying down in Venezuela. I was partners with Roger Sloan. It was a little deflating. Money is in for Q School long ago, that second stage (indiscernible) obviously depending on how I play tomorrow.

You know, I'm very happy to have gotten a spot this week. You know, I got the exemption. I can't thank him enough for having an opportunity. I felt like that's what I needed, just a couple more shots. The way I played at Shaughnessy, I could have at least moved inside the top 150 and get in the final stage, and if not get a card.

Go out there and play tomorrow and hopefully don't have to go to Q school.

Q. (Inaudible.)


THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Adam. Good luck tomorrow.