What they said: Nate Smith

October 07, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Well, that was a nice finish.

NATE SMITH: Yeah, that was cool. I played well all day, but you don't expect to finish like that. But I hit a perfect shot. A lot of times you hit a perfect shot and it doesn't go in, but that was pretty cool, especially with everybody over there. That was sweet.

Q. How far were you??

NATE SMITH: I was 150, and it was just like a three-quarter 8-iron, and I hit it really nice. But I didn't really expect it to go in, and I saw it disappear. I was out there high-fiving people.

Q. How many friends and relatives do you have here in Santa Cruz??

NATE SMITH: I'm from Santa Cruz, I grew up there, staying at home this week, so it's nice. I don't know, there's a few folks out. I mean, I have my godson, some people from DeLaveaga, Pasatiempo. It's really cool.

Q. Who did you throw the golf ball to??

NATE SMITH: You know, it's funny, the guy who introduced us on the first tee, Dave Fry.

Q. Just go over that last shot coming in.

NATE SMITH: I played the 8 three quarter. I knew the 9 wasn't going to quite get back there, and I decided to be aggressive with it, and I guess that's why you're aggressive, so you have a chance to get it in the hole.

Q. How much course knowledge do you have of CordeValle??

NATE SMITH: I've played out here a handful of times with friends, maybe in the U.S. Open qualifier a long time ago. But I've played here a few times. I know the course a little bit. But my caddie caddies out here regularly. He's helped me on the greens a little bit, picking the right places to kind of miss.