What they said: Rocco Mediate

October 06, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Rocco, watching you play the par 5, 9th, your last hole of the day, you're out in the fairway about 80 yards away, I thought magic was going to hit one more time.

ROCCO MEDIATE: Yeah. It looked like it. It needed to be a little more right. Just didn't have it.

Tough day for me. Cold. Tough for all of us, but I'm old. You have to throw that in, too. So it was hard.

Q. How much tougher did the golf course play??

ROCCO MEDIATE: A lot. Wow. It played so long, and it's wet. It's good. The golf course is in great shape, but 48, 50 degree weather this morning was hard.

Q. But anything even or better I don't think

ROCCO MEDIATE: Oh, I'm fine. I'm fine, yeah. I was pleased. I had my opportunities. Well, not a lot, but a few I would have love to have made, but birdieing the last hole was good.

Q. Greens any different? Tougher to read?

ROCCO MEDIATE: They're slow. They're slow, and they're soft, but we got rain. So they'll speed up as it gets dryer.

Q. Good luck to you the rest of the week.