What they said: Pat Perez

August 06, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Pat, not much going early, but then you caught fire on the back nine.

PAT PEREZ: Yeah, I played like that actually all three days, and I finally just put together the nine holes. I've been playing great. You know, I played great last week and this week.

No, I'm still -- I'm finally even now. I birdied the last hole and finally got even on the par-5s. From 12 I'm even, so I'm way behind the average there. But I played good on the par-3s and the par-4s.

Like everybody else, I've missed my share of 10-footers and 12-footers, which you're going to have out here all day.

We'll see where I am. I mean, probably another 65 tomorrow, but I'm not going to really even worry about it.

Q. Take me through that back nine, the birdie on 10.

PAT PEREZ: Yeah, I hit a perfect 3-wood and had 75 yards. I hit a nice wedge about five feet and made that.

Q. Okay, 12??

PAT PEREZ: 12, hit it to about six feet there and made that.

Hit it to 25 feet par-5, two-putted.

Hit it just pin high left off the fringe there on 5 and made that.

I hit it about eight feet on 6 and missed that.

Got up-and-down on 7.

8 was pretty lucky three. I mean, I hit a 4-iron 310 yards or something down the hill, and I would've never thought it would get up-and-down. I just trying to make 4, and then two-putt here from about 10 feet.

Q. Talk a little bit about your season as a whole. April/May you had, I think, three top 6 finishes playing really well. Just talk about the season, though, from beginning to end.

PAT PEREZ: Yeah, I haven't had a real good season since '01. You know, I just kind of go through the motions out here. I think I play a lot better than I do, and for some reason I don't.

So I'm trying to -- I don't know. I'm trying to find something. I'm always getting advice from Couples or Armour, all those guys, and I don't have the answer. I do everything I have to do to play well, and, you know, for some reason it just doesn't come together all that often.

But I would like to play good all the time.

Q. Keep it going tomorrow. Thanks, Pat. Appreciate it.

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