What they said: Michael Thompson

August 05, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. 4-under today. Nice to come back with a birdie there on your last after the tough do you believe on 17th, or the 8th hole.

MICHAEL THOMPSON: Yeah, well, I had a great day. Two bad holes. Both par-5s unfortunately. If I would have played those two holes even par I would be at 9-under right now. It is what it is.

I played great. Had a lot fun out there. Obviously finishing on a birdie is a positive note, so keep it going for tomorrow.

Q. That being said, you're still in a great position going into the weekend, 6-under. Thoughts? Mindset heading into tomorrow?

MICHAEL THOMPSON: Yeah, I'm just going to stick with my game plan. You know, feel really comfortable out here. Starting to get used to how far the ball is flying. There are a lot calculations we have to make on each shot.

But I feel ready to go. After the experience of the Canadian Open being in the lead after two days, being tied for the lead, that was a big learning experience.

Now I'm more prepared, and, yeah, just go out tomorrow and see how I can do.

Q. You mentioned the Canadian Open. You missed the cut last week, but prior to the Greenbrier you made I want to say five in a row??

MICHAEL THOMPSON: Five in a row, yeah.

Q. Are you starting to find that comfort level out here a little bit??

MICHAEL THOMPSON: Yeah, I am. I'm feeling confident playing golf courses with my own game, really just seeing the ball doing what I expect it to do.

I'm just having fun. This is a great life, and I'm very fortunate.

Transcript courtesy of ASAP Sports.