What they said: Notah Begay III

August 05, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. 5-under 67 today. Obviously great playing. 6-under for the tournament heading into the weekend. You've got to like your position, right??

NOTAH BEGAY: Well, I'm usually going home after the first two rounds. It's been two years. I was conveniently reminded of that yesterday by members of the media that will go unnamed.

But, yeah, feels good. I played great. Game is driven by putting, and my putting has been fabulous. Made a few 15, 20-footers.

It's a good place. You come back, good memories, past champion, people remember you and they cheer for, and it kind of gives you good energy.

Q. Anything in particular you focus on going into tomorrow's round? Swing thoughts or...

NOTAH BEGAY: I would like to play the par-5s better. I didn't birdie any of the par-5s today. Actually, I'm sorry, I birdied one today and one yesterday.

You can reach all the par-5s, so, I mean, you got to play those at least 2-under to maintain your position.

Other than that, no, stay patient.

Q. Any particular part of your game that's been strong this week??

NOTAH BEGAY: I'm driving it pretty well, you know, putting the ball in good spots on the fairway, and like I said, making 12-, 15-foot putts for birdie. So that's really driving the scoring part of it.

Transcript courtesy of ASAP Sports.