What they said: Blake Adams

August 04, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. 5-under par. Nice start to the tournament. Just get comments on your round??

BLAKE ADAMS: It was a good day; I hit it well. You know, left -- in my mind, had two or three putts -- two of 'em were extremely, very long, long putts.

But, you know, I made some putts throughout the day so it all equalled out. But the most important thing is my body felt good. Last Monday I actually got a shot of Cortisone in my hip. My hip is a disaster.

So last week I was a little bit scared on it. I mean, feel good. Hopefully I'll just keep on rolling.

Q. How frustrating is it battling injuries??

BLAKE ADAMS: It is really, really frustrating for me. Like in Canada, I hit every fairway on Thursday, and I showed up on Friday and could hardly swing at it. I ended up missing the cut, and it was just my last straw.

So I ended up getting a shot on Monday. Actually played the course (indiscernible) last week, which made the cut, like I said, which was a good thing.

But I feel good this week, you know, so hopefully see how it goes.

Q. Which birdies stand out? You had a couple good ones.

BLAKE ADAMS: Yeah, you know, I played solid. I mean, I had a nice putt on 17. That's definitely not an easy hole. I mean, it's probably a, you know, 15-, 16-footer, which is nice.

So some of those were, you know, fairly close, so I actually made the putts I was supposed to make. I left one there on 18, probably about a five-footer for birdie.

But all in all it was a good day.

Transcript courtesy of ASAP Sports.