What they said: Cameron Tringale

July 31, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Start off with a couple general comments about the week. Got to be feeling good about heading out of here.

CAMERON TRINGALE: Yeah, no, this week was great from the minute we arrived to whenever I end up leaving, you know. Everyone's been great; they're really friendly.

The course is nice and it's just a nice week overall.

Q. What clicked for you? What do you think really worked this week for you?

CAMERON TRINGALE: I mean, I hit the ball really well. I gave myself chances day in and day out. You know, that was the difference.

I could have made a few more putts, but I made my share, I guess.

Q. You feel like every part of your game is kind of clicking for you right now? Is there something you're working on?

CAMERON TRINGALE: You know, I'm not really working -- I'm always working on trying to be neutral, and so feel like I'm pretty close to there right now.

Obviously putting is so huge, especially a course like this where you have so many looks. It's just who's going to make 'em.

Q. Best part of the resort??

CAMERON TRINGALE: I hit the spa a few times; like it a lot. I like the massage.

But last year I did some skeet shooting. That was a blast. Didn't get over there this year.

But everything is great here.

Q. What's the biggest difference you've seen from last year to this year with all the renovations??

CAMERON TRINGALE: You know, the greens were firmer. The course is a little longer, but not enough really -- you know, you're hitting the same clubs for the most part.

The greens to me seemed like they got softer as the week went on, which is unusual. But they were really soft today. And, you know, the last couple days I think that's why the scores were a little lower.

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