What they said: Andres Romero

July 31, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Obviously things are coming around. Just what's going right and talk about the week.

ANDRES ROMERO: (Through translation.) I am very confident now. My game is very good. In the last couple weeks I have been improving every part of my game. But I think it's confidence is the biggest part of that.

At the beginning of the season I wasn't feeling that well, but now I'm doing good, and that makes me more confident every week.

Q. What was it about this course that suited your game??

ANDRES ROMERO: (Through translation.) The fairways in (indiscernible) and Canada were so narrow, and so this week they were huge here.

So that makes me feel confident in my driving and all my game. I'm good position.

Q. The guys are talking about the greens this week, how hard they were. The rain the past couple days, has that helped you guys out??

ANDRES ROMERO: I think that the most important thing that the ball rolls. Maybe a bit hard, but the most important thing is that the ball rolls close really good.

And, well, during the weekend I played the greens very good, and that's the key.

Q. Now how hard is it to play the waiting game??

ANDRES ROMERO: I had to wait for like three hours when I won in New Orleans, so I more or less know how it is.

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