What they said: Gary Woodland

July 30, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Always fun to follow you because you have a lot birdie opportunities. Talk about your round today. A few opportunities you missed, but all in all a pretty solid day.

GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, it was solid. Got off to a hot start and made birdies on the first two holes, and really didn't do anything special after that. I birdied 17, made a good one on 13, but I let a lot get away from me today.

Fortunately I'm only two back, and hopefully I'll have a chance tomorrow.

Q. Talk about you putting.

GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, speed is just a little off. Just coming up a little short. Made a lot of putts that were online, so hopefully they'll go in tomorrow.

Q. You've been in this position. Transitions comes to mind.

GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, I was two back then, too. But I'm playing really well right now, so it's exciting going into tomorrow. I'm due for a low one, and hopefully that's tomorrow.

Q. Gary, your third year on tour. Phenomenal season so far: one win, been in the top dozen two or three times. What is it in your swing? We've seen you some incredible clubs, 5-iron into 17. Your caddies was telling me you hit 8-iron from 249 yards yesterday over the back.

GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, I had a flyer. It was a little downwind yesterday. I had to hit 5-iron. The wind was into us. But, no, you get some flyers out of the rough.

Q. A normal person a with flyer from 250 yards might hit an iron; might hit a hybrid. You've developed such tremendous strength. How do you get a around a golf course like this that requires so much precision as well??

GARY WOODLAND: I didn't drive as well as I would like to today, so I didn't have as many opportunities as I would like. (Indiscernible) I had a lot wedges in my hands, and hopefully make a lot of birdies.

Q. We've got one of the best swing analyst, maybe "the" best swing analyst in the world on the slow motion camera, and we can't get your swing in slow motion. That's how much club head speed there is. Do you feel like you're hitting the ball hard??

GARY WOODLAND: I don't. The one on 17 was really the only one I swung hard at today, and I missed it. I'm trying to go 80%. I have a lot of power in the lower body, it's pretty stable down there, and I fire through it pretty hard.

Q. (No microphone.)

GARY WOODLAND: Made birdies on the first two holes and really felt like I had one in me. I was just kind of solid from then on out. Didn't do anything great. Never really in too much trouble, so it was kind of a ho-hum day.

I had some chances I thought to go low, and hopefully I saved that for tomorrow.

Q. Did the weather delay affect you at all??

GARY WOODLAND: No, it didn't. You know, fortunately we didn't have to come in. (Indiscernible) Stayed out there and kind of rested a little bit.

You know, I'm in a pretty good position going into tomorrow, so go out and make a low one tomorrow and see what happens.

Q. (No microphone.)

GARY WOODLAND: There's going to be birdies tomorrow. Just got to go out and try to make as many birdies as you can. The game plan won't change. It'll be the same. Just try to execute. I feel like I got a low one coming, so hopefully it's close.

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