What they said: Bill Haas

July 30, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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BILL HAAS: I kept it pretty much in front of me and made a couple nice putts, which you have to do. These greens a rolling pretty nice, and you got to take advantage of your chances because there's definitely a few pins that you just can't get to on these greens.

So fortunately, you know, made a couple and didn't have too many mistakes.

Q. What was the difference today? A lot of guys are shooting better numbers. First two days were brutal out there. Is the course set up easier today?

BILL HAAS: I think it's drier and it's getting hotter and the fairways have just gotten firmer so it's playing a little shorter. If you hit a nice tee shot, you have a lot wedges in.

But I don't know. I think like you said, I guarantee there will be some (indiscernible) as far as scores just because it's tricky. If you don't get it in the right spot off the tee you can't really get to these pins. These greens are firm. It can just be a noose.

So it's imperative to know where the pin is off the tee so you can maybe miss it to one side of the fairway.

Q. Do you lick your chops when you see a hole 124 yards like on 18? I mean, still that's a pretty short hole.

BILL HAAS: Yeah, absolutely. It was downwind, sand wedge, and you tried to hit it hard which I thought I had to just to get it over the bunker -- knowing that if it did go a little past I had that big hump to bring it back up -- unfortunately it was just a little back one yard too far.

But like I said, it was a tough two-putt and unfortunately I did that. But if you don't hit it in the right spot on that green it's a -- it's a birdie hole, but if you don't get it in the right spot then it turns into a bogey hole.

So I think it'll be a great, exciting hole tomorrow.

Q. Talk about tomorrow. Three shots behind Anthony right now. Who knows what's going to happen the rest of the afternoon.

BILL HAAS: Yeah, I think the rest of the afternoon it going to be (indiscernible). It might get to 11 or 12. But no matter what I'm going to have to shoot a good number. If the leaders that are out there now pull away further, then I'm going to need to play (indiscernible).

It's just nice to be in that position and have some sort of shot. Hopefully I can just go out and get it under par, and if I have a chance at the end, then that'll be a bonus.

Q. Just the key to today's round.

BILL HAAS: Had one little swing thought going that kind of seemed to be working most of the time. I've been getting the ball pretty good into the fairway and hitting some nice tee shots, which gives yourself chances on these holes because this course isn't that long, especially with it drying out.

Just didn't hit it in too many bad spots. Had a really lucky up and down on 15; and then 16 hit a bad drive and got away with it. So those could have been two bogeys there and got pretty lucky.

I don't know, just feels about the same as it's felt. Got a new putter in the bag. That's kind of working, but then again it's new and haven't made a ton of putts. Maybe they'll all go in tomorrow.

Q. Which putter??

BILL HAAS: It's a Titleist, it's a Cameron, but it's just a totally different putter than I've been using, almost complete opposite. I just wanted to try something new. Haven't been good on the greens, so it's just something for us to try.

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