What they said: Chris DiMarco

July 30, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. (Question regarding course low round.)

CHRIS DiMARCO: Yeah, you know, it's benign out there. Didn't get much wind until the back nine. Obviously being the third off the off the greens were pretty good all day, too.

So I was able to keep control of it, hit the ball in the fairway a lot, and gave myself some chances. Made a couple good ones; actually left a couple out there: missed a four-footer on the 1st hole and a four-footer on the 12th hole -- or 13th hole -- but other than that -- 12th hole. Other than that, it was a very solid round.

Q. Your impressions on this traditional golf course.

CHRIS DiMARCO: I liked it a lot better today. When they put the tees up on 2 and 17, it played more like I think it should. I like the other changes. I think it fits the course. It was really short last year.

The changes on 4, you know, offensively that's better. 5, 7, I mean, all those holes were little flips and now they're wedges, 9-irons, 8-irons.

.o it's just one of those courses where the wind really swirls out here. It's tough. Yesterday afternoon was probably the toughest wind I played in in a long time.

Q. This has nothing to do with the game of golf, but you met your wife in the seventh grade. Isn't that crazy??

CHRIS DiMARCO: Yeah, she used to cheer for my football team back then.

Q. Were you a very good football player??

CHRIS DiMARCO: I was. I was just small. I was a hitter, I just was small.

Q. 17 and 18, you come up with about a five-foot putt on 17. (Indiscernible.)

CHRIS DiMARCO: Yeah, and I don't think 18 has been playing any easier. Like I said 17 is the way it should be playing. You got to worry about that bunker now. I fit it in there and gave myself a good opportunity; I was able to hit a 5-wood on the green and two-putted.

You know, it's out there right now. Certainly going to see some good scores. The greens, they're so new, they're so immature still, that you can get some bounces.

Like I said, we had it perfect this morning. They were perfect.

Q. So that's been the talk of the golfers, has been the greens so far.

CHRIS DiMARCO: Yeah, I mean, they're tough to reason. And then later in the day, I mean, the leaders that go out in probably another two hours, they're going to feel the 75 guys putting out there. It'll make a difference. There's no doubt about it.

It was nice to be the third group off and not see any spike marks and kind of have smooth greens.

Q. Can you measure the difference that makes teeing off in the afternoon??

CHRIS DiMARCO: Well yesterday afternoon was really difficult, I think, with that wind, even though it wasn't blowing really hard. It would never make up its mind. It wasn't like it would go just a quarter one way or the other. It was straight in or straight down on most holes. It was really difficult. You never knew when you were going to get it.

Obviously the greens were firm yesterday afternoon; they were a little softer this morning. Still had some moisture in 'em and you're able to kind of hold your spin and do what you needed to do. Later in the afternoon yesterday you couldn't do any of that.

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