What they said: Gary Woodland

July 29, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Gary, I stuck my foot in my mouth this morning. I said, those guys going out early are gonna have a chance to really go get this course. And after as well as you played yesterday, oh, he's really gonna step on it. This course doesn't let you step on t, does it??

GARY WOODLAND: No. The greens are a lot softer this morning. I never adjusted. I came up short all day. I didn't have very many birdie opportunities today.

So, I mean, I was lag putting all day trying to make pars. Frustrating day, but hopefully I'm not too far back when the day is over.

Q. Looks like you learned some things. I noticed you played 7 a little bit differently than 9 and a little bit differently than you did yesterday. You're kind of getting a feel for the different places you can put the ball in the fairway to have a chance.

GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, we made a mistake on 7. I hit it way too far down there. We didn't think we could hit it that far.

You know, 9 was the positioning as well. I hit it okay, just not great, and didn't make enough birdies.

Q. If you don't get it close, it's hard to, right??

GARY WOODLAND: It is, it's tough. The greens, they're rolling good, but it's tough to get 'em close sometimes. Unfortunately didn't make enough birdies.

Q. Yet you've got to feel good about your situation heading into the weekend. You're right there.

GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, I'm playing solid, so that's a good deal. Hopefully I'm not too far back and we'll play a good round tomorrow.

Q. For a guy who hasn't played out here all that much, you have an awful lot of confidence. Just the way you carry yourself. Is that from your basketball days? Just take care of what you're doing and things will happen for you?

GARY WOODLAND: Exactly. I know if I take care of my business, everything will be all right. So I'm out here trying to take care of me, and hopefully I play well this weekend.

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