What they said: Michael Letzig

July 29, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. For a guy coming into the tournament in the 11th hour and playing the way you are, is it easier to wake up and say, I'm playing golf this week or to be prepared? You're playing as if it's better just to wake up and say, Hey, let's go.

MICHAEL LETZIG: Yeah, I've been 126 (indiscernible) category all year, so I haven't really made (indiscernible) the way I'm playing every week to a Monday afternoon.

So it's been a -- it's really hard to get used to doing and be comfortable. This week, I mean, I think I (indiscernible) Sunday night. I kind of knew I had a pretty good chance of getting in. Seems like four or five guys have been withdrawing every the week, so I was actually able to prepare for this week like I would do.

Q. Obviously with the way you played, like I said, it looks like it's easy to do.

MICHAEL LETZIG: I mean, I just prepare the same every week. That is all I can really do. I'm just putting pretty good this week. You know, I think the putter saved me.

I've had plenty of chances, so I'm not putting so much pressure on myself. When I do have chances, I feel like I got to make it. I'm getting plenty of looks at birdies.

Q. How much different were the greens today compared to yesterday afternoon??

MICHAEL LETZIG: They were much firmer yesterday. I was hitting more fairways today and it was easier to put more spin on it.

Definitely felt like today I could play the number to the hole and get the ball to stop a lot better.

Q. So it's kind of nice having a whole afternoon to relax.

MICHAEL LETZIG: Yeah, I mean, since Tuesday's practice round it's firmed up quite a bit.

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