What they said: Adam Hadwin

July 24, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. A good week it's been for you, but you came up a couple strokes shy.

ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, it's a little disappointing in the end. But after that front nine I had and that four putt on 8, I battled back and made it interesting coming in.

Q. Once again, I was impressed with the way you were able to regain your composure. I saw it on Saturday and saw it again today. What a great stretch of three birdies in a row??

ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, that was a lot of fun. You know, just things weren't going, couldn't make the putts like I was the first few days, getting some bad shots. But I found something and made a few putts and heard some roars.

Q. You make the biggest check of your career, and you get to play next week on the PGA TOUR at Greenbrier.

ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, I do. It threw a wrench in travel plans because I was having a week off. But it's not a bad week to be playing.

Q. I know you wanted that bigger cup, the Canadian Open Championship cup, but all in all, it has to be a tremendous week for you.

ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, it was. I can't put words to it. I felt like I was playing for my country out there. Got off to a rough start, and brought it back on the back side and gave them something to cheer about coming in.

Q. How was it that you were able to keep your composure coming through. You got off on to a rough start and battled back with three birdies and got yourself back into it in the end??

ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, I had basically one goal for the whole day and that was have fun.

I did get off to a rough start, but I kept telling myself just enjoy it. Everybody's cheering for you. Just have fun out there, and things turned around there on the back nine.

Q. You're going to qualify for Greenbrier by finishing in the Top 10 this week. But more importantly, what did you learn about Adam had win today out there competing??

ADAM HADWIN: Just as long as I stick to committing. Commitment is the biggest thing. As long as I pick my targets, and commit to the club, I can compete with the best. I played some fabulous golf this week, and I'm excited for next week.

Q. What did you prove to yourself this week??

ADAM HADWIN: That I can compete. I played well in the final round of the U.S. Open earlier. But this is my first final group on the PGA TOUR. It was kind of exciting. Big crowds all day, lots of cheers. You know, to finish on the back nine like I did was something special.

Q. Can you talk about your round, your front nine? You go out at 39. Were you feeling a bit of the nerves what did you do to bounce back on the back nine?

ADAM HADWIN: I was feeling a little bit. I really just stuck to the game plan of getting a number, picking a club and getting to the target. But things just kind of weren't working for me.

But I is settled down and just told myself that I've been putting great all week. I'm not that bad of a putter like I showed on No. 8 today. So, you know, just settled down and hit some good shots and gave myself some birdie chances on the back and they found the hole.

Q. You're no longer anonymous. You're going to be the face of the country. Have you felt that coming up 18? What was that like and what do you see going forward with your fame?

ADAM HADWIN: I don't know if I'd call it fame. But it's exciting. I said it before, if I don't continue to do my thing and play well that people aren't going to cheer for me anyways. So you've just got to put your head down and play hard and hopefully things work out.

Q. Have you called your travel agent to change your flight??

ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, plans have changed. I'll catch a flight tomorrow. I've got some celebrating to do tonight.

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