What they said: Luke Donald

July 24, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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LUKE DONALD: You know, to be honest, through 15 holes there, I could have been 8 or 9-under if I had gotten the putter even just holing a few 12-footers in. So it was nice to play a little bit better today. Other than 7 and 9, didn't miss a green or fairway. So that's what you've got to do around here.

Q. It's like what guys have been saying all week, Luke. If you're playing really well, there are scores to be shot out there.

LUKE DONALD: Yeah, it's still tough. It's tough to create a lot of chances even if you're hitting it close, the greens have enough slope and speed on them that they're tricky to read. It's a lot easier from the fairway.

It's nice to get a good round in. I wouldn't have liked to have left here playing the last few rounds pretty poor.

Q. Was there a point where you thought I'm back in this tournament? Because at one point you were tied for 6th, I think?

LUKE DONALD: Yeah, five or six back. I'm still -- it's always going to be tough to catch the guys. But you never know. You keep pressing on. I thought if I get to 2 or 3-under I might have a sneaking chance.

Q. A course like this you don't see too often other than in the majors. Is this one you'd like to see more of on the TOUR??

LUKE DONALD: Not really. I think they're very close to having it set-up well. I think the rough is just a little bit too penal. I think they need an intermediate cut.

I hit a great drive on 7, it just drew with the wind and took one bounce left and I couldn't advance it more than 50 yards. You know, it just seems a little bit penal. It's kind of a secondary cut where if you're just a little bit off, you're not going to get penalized quite so much.

Maybe just turn a couple of the fours into fives. I feel like guys are making a few more birdies out there.

Q. Is the difficulty of the course going to be a positive or negative thing in attracting players back here??

LUKE DONALD: This tournament always rotates to different venues, so I think for the most part people enjoy the classic golf courses and that's what brings them here.

Q. Is Vancouver a stop you may see more often on the TOUR or once every six or seven years out here??

LUKE DONALD: Yeah, logistically it's a little tougher because it falls after the Open Championship, and it's a little further for guys to go and tough for them to get back to the next event.

But I think just play -- I think Canada has a lot to offer in terms of good golf courses.

Q. You'll take a week off now??


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