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July 24, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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PATRICK CANTLAY: I feel good about the week. I played decent Thursday, Friday, and, you know, played real well on the weekend, so I'm really happy.

Q. If you finish Top 10, will you go to West Virginia and play there??

PATRICK CANTLAY: I'm not sure. I'm going to talk it over, but probably not.

Q. I'd heard there were a number of agents and people called and said the Canadian Open should give you an exemption in this tournament because you've been playing so well and you're a hot young amateur. Do you have a plan to still stay in school and do the full thing? Do you have a sense of next year even?

PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, I'm going to play this year at school, and my plan right now is to be there four years.

Q. You seem to play very well on both -- you shot a 60 eye golf course that wasn't quite as difficult. You played well on the U.S. Open. This is a very difficult golf course, probably some would say harder than the U.S. Open. What reason do you think you have for playing so well on difficult layouts??

PATRICK CANTLAY: I just like tough golf courses. I don't make too many mistakes. I make a lot of pars, and you know, small fairways and long routes really suits my game.

Q. After you a week like this, do you ever think about the money you're passing up??

PATRICK CANTLAY: A little bit. It's tough. I think anybody would be thinking about it a little. But it just wasn't a factor before the week, so I'm not really worried about it right now.

Q. Can you tell us what this summer has been like for you out at these events and having the success you've had??

PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, it's just been a whirlwind. I think I played 8 out of the last 10 weeks -- no, 7 out of the last 8 weeks -- 7 out of the last 8.

So I'm just going to keep going and trying to stay fresh and really get up for every tournament because it's tough.

Q. How many PGA tournaments have you played in including the U.S. Open??


Q. And you made the cut in??


Q. You've been top 25. This is it. It just keeps getting better. Is there a reason you wouldn't play next week if you're in the Top 10 just because of all the golf you've played??

PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, I have the Western Amateur next week. I think I'm playing a practice round there Sunday and Monday. The tournament starts on Tuesday. So it would be nice to have a couple days off.

Q. So no question you're going back to school, right??


Q. No one seems to remember -- we asked the RCJ guy here when there was an amateur in the Top 10. Nobody seems to remember. Ever heard of Gary Cowell??


Q. He was probably the last amateur to play this well here. Do you recognize how unusual it is for an amateur these days to finish Top 10 in a PGA TOUR event??

PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, I guess. I guess you don't see it very often. Not a lot of amateurs play PGA TOUR events in general or get into PGA TOUR events. But I feel good about my game, and it's been fun.

Q. Because you won the Phil Mickelson Award, and that's probably the point of comparison now was he the last amateur to win the PGA TOUR? Do you think when you go out now in your next event given the golf you've had that you'll have the ability to not just contend here but to win?

PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, every event I play tee it up, I feel like I can win if I play well. I didn't have my best stuff this week. I played solid, but I didn't have my best, but I'm right there.

Q. Was the golf course more difficult as a set-up than the U.S. Open??

PATRICK CANTLAY: Probably. It's probably harder to go lower just because the greens were smaller, so you can't hit as many greens. The rough was more penal and the fairways were probably a little smaller.

Q. Who was on your bag??


Q. Who is Chris??

PATRICK CANTLAY: He's been my caddie for like four years now. He's just a good friend from high school.

Q. He's a friend from high school??

PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, he just finished his sophomore year at the University of Arizona.

Q. Player??

PATRICK CANTLAY: He doesn't play for U of A. He's a scratch player.

Q. He plays, but not he's not playing college golf??


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