What they said: Scott McCarron

July 22, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. You started off the nine with five birdies in a row to finish it. What clicked for you today??

SCOTT McCARRON: I just started really letting my body go, just turning. I've been a little stuck with my thinking, just trying to let it go, trust your swing, those type of things. Easier said than done when every shot you miss out here is very penal.

But I really was able to just start letting it go more than anything. I hit a lot of shots real close to the pin. I had a lot of leaners, kick-ins and kind of had it going. I feel like I got my mojo back to today. The curse has been lifted.

Q. What kind of thoughts did you have coming into the day after shooting 74 yesterday??

SCOTT McCARRON: My thought was what flight can I catch to get out of here and get home? Again, I missed a lot of cuts this year, missed a lot of cuts by a shot or two. It's been a difficult year. Just haven't been getting in a lot of tournaments, battling through some injuries with my elbow.

So I thought just stay positive. Get out there and play the way you know how to play and stop worrying about it so much. Bogeyed the first hole, but then I kind of got on a nice little run there.

Q. What is it about the old south course??

SCOTT McCARRON: I think the old south course the shot was more prescribed for you. You have to draw it off the tee or cut it off the tee because it's tree lined. A lot of golf courses we play now you get off and bomb it anywhere pretty much and you draw or fade just about every hole.

This golf course you've got to be able to turn the ball over right to left on the dry holes and you've got to be able to get cuts on the left to right holes. So it makes you work the ball, which is kind of the way we all grew up playing.

I always work the ball either way, mostly left to right. But that's the type of golf I like to play. You can be a little more creative that way.

Q. Have you been in the rough much the first couple of days??

SCOTT McCARRON: Oh, yeah, I've been in the rough enough to know that, man, it's brutal. It's very difficult to hit the green once you miss the fairway.

Q. Is your thought lay-up or do you try to get a club on it??

SCOTT McCARRON: It depends. If you can get a club on it, I try to get it up near the green so I can chip it. But I've had to lay up a couple of times.

Q. I'm imagining if you're in the rough and you have a terrible lie, if you try to go for the green, you'll be right back in it.

SCOTT McCARRON: That's the thing. If you can put yourself 20 yards short of the green but again in the rough, you have no chance. So if you're going to try on get it up there by the green, make sure you keep it on the fairway. If not, lay back on your yardages.

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