What they said: David Hearn

July 22, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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DAVID HEARN: Yeah, I played solid all day. I definitely didn't want to finish with a bogey. I hit a decent tee shot just pulled it a little bit. Great to finish with a nice up-and-down, and certainly looking forward to doing more of that on the weekend.

Q. You double bogeyed on the second hole??


Q. Did you get worried or did it try your confidence going on??

DAVID HEARN: No, that was probably my only bad swing of the day. I hit a nice tee shot and had a 9-iron into the green just got a little quick on it. I came back with a great 4-iron on the next hole and made birdie. Doubled me right back down. And I hit a lot of good tee shots today and made some nice scrambles when I had to.

Q. Is it fun to be a Canadian at the top of the leaderboard??

DAVID HEARN: Yeah, it's going to be a fun day tomorrow. I'm sure there will be a lot of people out there supporting us. I hope to do my best for everybody.

Q. You've got some family out there supporting you, your parents are here, your wife's here. That must help a lot.

DAVID HEARN: Yeah, I've got both sets of parents and my wife's here. It's always nice to play well in front of everybody, especially here in Canada. I've never been in this spot in the Canadian Open. I'll see how well I can do.

Q. Mike and Stephen are not playing the weekend. Do you think it's a changing of the guard? A lot of the young Canadians and younger guys playing well, but the two veterans in the field are not.

DAVID HEARN: Yeah, there's a lot of Canadian talent right now. There's no doubt. There's a lot of guys that can compete. It's just a matter of being patient off the tee.

I think Adam's shown himself to be a great young player. He played well at the U.S. Open this year as well.

A changing of the guard? I don't know. It might be too early to tell on that. But Stephen and Mike have certainly had amazing careers, and if I can attempt to do what they've done, I'd be pretty happy with that.

I don't think the guard's changed just yet. But certainly the young guys are showing that they belong out here.

Q. Have you got the course figured out in terms of how it's playing? Do you ever get a course like this figured out?

DAVID HEARN: I don't think you can figure out a course like this. I think the strategy remains the same to try to hit as many fairways as you can and stay patient.

I hit it in the rough a few times today and was able to get it on the green. You're not always going to be able to get those breaks. Figure it out? I don't think anybody has it figured out.

Q. It does appear scoring wise, that at least some guys are going lower today.


Q. Do you think they're starting to --

DAVID HEARN: I think the way they set up the course today helped with lower scores. A few of the tees were up like No. 1, and a few of the other holes, a few front pins out there today. But I think still the best score is 5 under so far this week, and that's not really figuring it out.

Q. You've been in the Canadian before. I remember 2007 you shot a really good solid opening round. Do you sort of build on those having done that before? Knowing how the crowd's going to react, you have more people paying attention to you here than in a typical event.

DAVID HEARN: Yeah, absolutely. I was in the Canadian at Hamilton in 2006. That was a lot of fun, a highlight for me. I've certainly gotten better over the years of handling the crowds and doing well in these events. So I'm looking forward to it.

But I've never been in this spot before, this close to the lead in our National Championship. We'll see what happens. I'm looking forward to it.

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