What they said: Bill Lunde

July 21, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Bill, another nice round of golf for you. Tell me a little bit about it.

BILL LUNDE: Yeah, obviously the course is extremely difficult this week. You've got to drive it on the fairway or you're just going to be struggling to make a par on every hole.

But fortunately I drove it well, able to make a couple birdies early to kind of get the round going. It's just a battle every hole just trying to make a par, and if you stumble upon a birdie, great.

Q. Looks like you used your driver well.

BILL LUNDE: I did. The front nine I hit it in the first rough a few times, which was fortunate. You know, it's like hit the fairway out here, you have another shot. Then the back nine which was the actual front nine, I drove it really nicely. So, all in all, I'm very pleased with the round and just got to keep hitting my driver on the fairways.

Q. Tell me about the birdie on the par-4, 14th hole, Kodak Challenge hole??

BILL LUNDE: I'm kind of up there on the standings there for the Kodak deal. So I had to look at birdie at times back up the hill probably 15 feet, 18 feet something like that. So obviously very focused on trying to make that, and make sure I got to the hole and able to bang it in there.

I was very happy with that. Anything after that was kind of a bonus this week.

Q. When you say, "I'm kind of up there in the standings," you have a three hot lead. You know where you are in the standings and you know what hole the Kodak Challenge hole is every week?

BILL LUNDE: Yeah, for sure. The year's kind of dragging on here, so we're getting near the end, and I'm very aware of where I stand, like I said. I'm very focused. Any time I get a birdie putt I'm trying really hard to make it. It's not like I'm trying as hard on other holes, but very aware of the Kodak Challenge deal.

Q. It's almost like every week you have a tournament within a tournament now.

BILL LUNDE: Yeah, definitely, the Kodak deal going on. I'm very aware of what the hole is for the week and focused on trying to make birdie on that hole. Then, also, trying to play the golf tournament on top of it and play well here too.

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