What they said: Matt McQuillan

July 10, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Matt, book-end 64s. Great job on a Sunday. Tell me a little about it.

MATT McQUILLAN: Well, I got off to a great start like I did on Thursday, and yeah, just kept hitting good shots and making some good putts and ended with a 64.

Q. Eagled 17. That kind of woke everybody else up on the leash. Long putt??

MATT McQUILLAN: Yeah. It was lucky just to stay on the back edge. Another foot and it would have been way back over the green, but yeah, I got some good breaks on the back nine, and that was one of them, rolled in about a 35, 40-footer.

Q. Talk to me about that third shot at the 18 after you had the punch out.

MATT McQUILLAN: Well, yeah, I was totally in jail on the right there, and I just ended up with a good number, and I gave it a good aggressive swing, and turned out to be good.

Q. You were already in next week. You got Canada in two weeks. You may have to detour, though, if things turn out a little goofier on the back nine. You may have a trip across the pond to make. You packed? You got your stuff? Do you have your passport?

MATT McQUILLAN: I do have my passport. It hadn't even entered my mind. So if that's the way it works out, that would be awesome.

Q. I just scared you, didn't I??

MATT McQUILLAN: A little bit.

Q. No, congratulations on a great, great round. Are you looking forward to Vancouver??

MATT McQUILLAN: Yes. Very much.

Q. That'll be super, and they're going to love you up there I'm sure in a couple of weeks, and good luck next week, wherever it is you're playing??

MATT McQUILLAN: Appreciate it. Thank you.

Q. How did it feel walking up on the 18th here? I mean the crowd really responded to you.

MATT McQUILLAN: Yes. It was quite a thrill after getting that great shot in there on my third. Yeah, the crowd's been great here all week, and yeah, lucky to be here.

Q. This has gotta be great for the confidence, you know, coming in here now. It's solid, this is rock solid for you.

MATT McQUILLAN: Yes, yes. It's been a long time coming, but I convinced myself I was working on the right things and it was going to click any day, and just happened to be this tournament.

Q. You've had book-end rounds. You really started hot and kind of finished that way. Is there anything the last two days you didn't find yourself doing as well as you did the first round that you altered today??

MATT McQUILLAN: Yes. Definitely the second and third rounds, I played great both rounds, but I just struggled coming in. I made some late bogeys both rounds and kind of hurt the momentum, but yeah, I didn't let it get to me and was lucky enough to come out and play great today.

Q. Things play out right, you could be busy next weekend. Are you prepared for that and how prepared I guess are you for it??

MATT McQUILLAN: It hasn't even entered my mind. If that's the way it works out, I'll be on the first plane over. But yeah, I'll just see what happens. A lot of golf out there left to play, so we'll see.

Q. Are you prepared with the passport, the packing, that kind of thing??

MATT McQUILLAN: Probably not packing, but passport's all in order, so that's all I need.

Q. Okay. Great. Thank you.

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