What they said: Jhonattan Vegas

July 08, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Jhonattan, what a difference a day makes. You had a lot of birdies yesterday but kind of struggled on that second nine. Today, seven birdies, no bogeys. Talk about today.

JHONATTAN VEGAS: Oh, great round. I mean it was pretty much as good as yesterday, but I kept it going today which was good.

No, I feel like I'm playing great. This week putter has been working a lot better than last week. The ball striking is there. I feel like I'm playing great. So fun today so far.

Q. So you didn't get down on yourself after what happened on that back nine yesterday. You came out and you had to play that back nine first and you played well??

JHONATTAN VEGAS: A little concentration yesterday, and that's kind of what I've been struggling the past few weeks. Maybe playing a little too much. Usually that's it.

But just feeling great. My game is really getting back in shape, and what a great time for that.

Q. You had so much success winning the Hope and the playoff and a great start on the TOUR and you kind of go through some struggles. You see these golf courses for the first time. Give us the state of your game right now and how you are mentally as you approach each tournament.

JHONATTAN VEGAS: You know, I think my game is as good as it was in the beginning of the year or even better. But I think just mentally, just a little tired from playing so much this year. I mean it's my first year trying to figure out some of these courses, trying to figure out so many things that you put so much pressure on yourself. And for real, you just get mentally tired and that's kind of what I've been struggling with, but I think I'm finally getting back feeling more comfortable about things, and my game is coming back.

Q. Well, you must like this golf course. Well done today and good luck on the weekend.

JHONATTAN VEGAS: Thank you, guys. I appreciate it.

Q. Thanks very much. Well, today for Jhonattan a clean scorecard. Yesterday it looked like you were going to shoot nothing. You gained most of it back today, seven birdies, no bogeys??

JHONATTAN VEGAS: Yeah. Been playing great. Yesterday was a great start obviously, making six birdies in a row. First time here on the PGA TOUR. I guess everything seems to be a first time.

But no, it was great. I feel like I'm playing great, just mentally a little bit tired from playing a lot and trying to figure out some of these places and a lot of things, but I feel like I'm doing good. I'm doing good. If I can stay calm and keep doing my thing, I should have a great weekend.

Q. Well, you got a smile on your face. Obviously you're enjoying every moment of it.

JHONATTAN VEGAS: I'm loving it, man. I'm loving every moment, the good and the bad ones, and like I said before, it's a learning process. I feel like I -- I told myself I can win here, and I just gotta keep learning and start to win a little more.

Q. Thanks for your time. Best of luck this weekend.

JHONATTAN VEGAS: Thank you guys.

Q. (Indiscernible).

JHONATTAN VEGAS: Yeah. Definitely. Four birdies, great. It's one of those things you gotta look behind yourself and focus on what's ahead. I guess I just got a little tired yesterday from making all those six birdies that I did struggle a little bit on the back nine, but I mean it's a tough back nine. It's a tough back nine. You gotta be careful, and it's my first time playing out here, so just learning my way around, so hopefully it'll get better on the back nine like the front nine.

Q. How did you play your bogey holes differently today than yesterday??

JHONATTAN VEGAS: Just on 11 I doubled yesterday. Instead of hitting a 3-wood I hit a 2-iron, and just hitting better quality shots today, just really putting the ball in play, which is key here. And that's kind of what I didn't do on the back nine yesterday, which I was able to do today, so that was the difference.

Q. People say you can't win a golf tournament the first two days, but you sure can help yourself out a lot, and you're in a real good position going into the weekend. Just talk about your positioning going into the weekend.

JHONATTAN VEGAS: Oh, I feel like I'm in great position. I mean I don't know where the leaders are, 13, 14, somewhere around there. So I should be a few shots back going into the weekend, but I mean we have a lot of golf ahead. I mean two rounds is not a tournament winner, so I just gotta keep thinking about my game and keep doing what I'm doing and hopefully keep making as many putts as I'm making right now.

Q. What are your thoughts about this course since this is the first time you've been here??

JHONATTAN VEGAS: It's a great course. It's a great course that you have to think around. It's a course that is equal for everyone. The bombers don't have an advantage here. You just gotta really be able to hit it straight, keep it in play and make some putts. It's a normal course, I think.

Q. Will you continue to get more comfortable? I mean that was your first two rounds out here. You'll continue to get more comfortable as the weekend goes on?

JHONATTAN VEGAS: Yeah, definitely. I mean I was saying to my caddie about so many shots about where to place it, where to leave it and all this stuff. It's my first time around, so I mean it's hard to figure out everything, but I think we're doing a good job on keeping things simple and as long as we're hitting it and putting it like we're putting it, we're going to have a good chance this weekend.

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