What they said: John Daly

July 08, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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JOHN DALY: I heeled it really bad way right, and I really was hoping they wouldn't find it so I'd have to go back to the tee because I got stuck on my first approach when they did find it I'm going how can I get it left so I can take an unplayable because where it was there I would have to go all the way to the maintenance shed which would probably be out of bounds.

So I hit it a couple times and then took an unplayable, couldn't get it out, hit it again, took an unplayable, couldn't get it out. Then I got it far enough left that I could drop, you know, and then get in the bunker and two-putted for a 13.

Q. There was nothing you could do; right??

JOHN DALY: No. That's the first thing me and Peter looked at, said, geez, I can't even take an unplayable where it's at. And you know, it's just brutal over there. I mean I hit it in the worst spot on the golf course. You just can't hit it there.

Q. And you were playing all right up to that point, weren't you??

JOHN DALY: Yeah. I pardon one, eagled two. I was back in. Had a couple more birdies, you know. I just hit a horrible swing on 4, just a heel shank. I deserved it. I hit it so bad off of 4.

Q. So how did you make 13??

JOHN DALY: Two-putted. 20-footer for 12.

Q. Could you have gone back to the tee? Could you consider doing that?

JOHN DALY: I found my ball, so once you find your ball, I don't think you can. The unplayable was that it was too far right to even go back -- I was just basically screwed. I mean there was nothing I could do.

I was hoping to get the first one out with an L wedge. If I could have even got it up on the hill where I could have at least gone all the way back where I could take an unplayable and get it on some grass.

I just couldn't get the ball left. It would only go a foot every time. So it's frustrating, but you know, what do you do?

Q. What is it waist high out there, knee high??

JOHN DALY: No, it's not. It's just thick on the bottom. It's just really thick. I mean like I said, I wish I never would have found it. Then I could have gone back to the tee and hit three and still salvaged a bogey or double and still had a chance.

Q. Who did find it? Was it you or your caddie or a fan?

JOHN DALY: One of the spectators did.

Q. Will you see that kind of fescue with St. George's??

JOHN DALY: I don't know. Everyone says it's pretty firm there, pretty dry. They haven't had rain in a couple months, from what I understand. So hard to say.

Q. Did you really think it was 19 initially??

JOHN DALY: I don't know. I don't know. I just lost track there for a while. Peter was counting. So no, he dropped -- he knew I was in the bunker on 11 -- or 10. So I hit out of 11, two-putted 12, 13.

Q. John, can you talk about as the past British Open champ, going back to that event and how much fun it is for you to play in it and those type of conditions??

JOHN DALY: Oh, it's great. I love golf like that. This probably isn't one of my favorites from going back in memory, but hopefully they did some changes on the first hole, and 17, 18 weren't really -- I thought weren't really fair golf holes.

You know, if you go back, you look at some of the guys, we teed off and we were making 7s and 8s and felt pretty good about it on 1, get to the fairway and end up in the rough. And hopefully they change that a little bit and change the golf course to where at least if you hit it in the fairway, it stays in the fairway.

But it's a beautiful place. Those are the only three holes that I think hopefully they worked on a little bit to bringing it back there. I'm excited. I'm always excited to play the British.

That eagle on 2, I'm going, hey, you know, a couple more and maybe -- I putted really good this week. I missed a few coming down the stretch, but it didn't really matter as much. When I feel like I needed to make some I made some. And no, I just love the golf course. Just for some reason I just haven't been able to play it good.

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