What they said: Arjun Atwal

July 08, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Talk about the round. 9-under, you're still right in the thick of this thing right now.

ARJUN ATWAL: Yeah. Playing solid today. You know, just could have made a few more putts, but there's no -- I have no regrets. I made only one bogey today, so it was solid.

Q. What was working for you out there??

ARJUN ATWAL: Just you know, nothing stood out. Just everything was pretty good. Everything was solid. Didn't really miss too many greens, gave myself a lot of birdie opportunities and took advantage of a few.

Q. Are the conditions of the course kind of right for scoring right now??

ARJUN ATWAL: Yeah, it's perfect. There was no wind. Greens are receptive. They're rolling perfect. Fairways are perfect. It was sunny out, so it's playing great.

Q. What do you do now as far as momentum getting ready for tomorrow??

ARJUN ATWAL: Depends on how far back I am. Hopefully Reavie doesn't go too low. As of right now he's at 14-under and obviously it's going to be the same game plan, just try and shoot lights out on the weekend.

Q. Thank you. Can you talk about your birdies, any particular hole or shot that got you going??

ARJUN ATWAL: Not really. I mean every hole, I was pretty much pin high, you know, and had a few looks at it. You know, just kept plugging along.

Q. What about with the course being hard, are you hitting more three woods than drivers to stay in the fairway, not roll them out of the fairways??

ARJUN ATWAL: There are a few more three woods this year, yeah. I didn't play last year, but yeah, I'm definitely on a few more holes hitting three woods or rescue clubs off the tees.

Q. How many years have you played here? Has that experience helped you on this course?

ARJUN ATWAL: I think I've played here like three or four times. Yeah, definitely. You know, you get to learn the breaks on the greens. You know where not to miss it, you know, and certain pin positions, and definitely helps.

Q. Great, thanks. Good luck this weekend.

ARJUN ATWAL: Thank you.

Transcript courtesy of ASAP Sports.