What they said: Rickie Fowler

July 03, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: AT&T National transcript archive Q. Describe today. Obviously it just wasn't to be.

RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, I just couldn't get anything going today. A little pickup there, but other than that I really couldn't get anything to go. I was burning some edges and nothing would fall.

Q. How different was the course today as opposed to yesterday??

RICKIE FOWLER: It was definitely tougher. There were some pins that were tough to get to, and you had to hit the fairway to be able to do that. Unfortunately it seemed like every front pin you need to be able to control the ball to, I ended up in the rough, and every back pin I was in the fairway and it didn't matter as much.

Just a tough day, but I learned a lot. It was great to be in that position. You know, it's good to see what other guys do in the same situation and how they handle themselves.

Q. Nick went out there and got it done.

RICKIE FOWLER: He did. I knew someone was going to have to play well to win. 4-under was a great score, and he made some putts.