What they said: Adam Scott

July 01, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: AT&T National transcript archive Q. It's a tough golf course. You're at a pretty good number heading into the weekend. How do you feel??

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, not too bad. I found out it was a little tougher today. I didn't play quite as well as yesterday, and it's not easy chipping around the greens. The rough is thick and you have to be quite precise.

No, overall I'm in good position. Just need to stay with it, with the leaders tomorrow, and put myself in the mix Sunday.

Q. Talk about how the golf course has evolved over the week. You're assessment, what do you think we might see heading into the weekend??

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I think the greens were pretty firm yesterday afternoon for us. I expect with this weather they're going to be pretty firm again. I think they're in a good spot. They've probably got a bit of room to work with; if they want to let them get really firm, they're very healthy and they'll be able to do that. That'll be nice to see.

Q. How much is Stevie helping you out there? Talk about that partnership.

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, he's kind of good. The guy might have a future in this game.

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